First Secretary

But about the human mind can not be said. In early childhood, when confronted with the notion of death, any person instinctively resists the perception of this concept, it lasts virtually a lifetime, so it is difficult to reconcile with the fact that man is born only to die forever, that is, the majority of people at the present level of development of human consciousness remains a believer, though many are aware of the inevitability of his sober life at against the existence of infinity of the world in time. In a special series in this respect is a former member of the activities of the Politburo, the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, Kazakh President Nazarbayev now NA, who came to this issue much progmatichnee. Being an outstanding politician, and knowing full spiritual potential of the multinational “flock”, he became a preacher of faith indigenous nation republic, do not “invent” a new, independent religion, as it may seem at first glance, he created a moral and ethnic system and philosophy, of course, is based on trust of their fellow citizens in God, but really affects only the issues of relations between people, ethics and morality, not touching religious issues and beliefs, not correcting them and, moreover, does not require belief in a Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul, believing it private matter, that is, respecting the beliefs and atheists..