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On the inner part of the stakes tables of 101 mm nailed by 25 mm section, forming a framework or mold inside of which the cement is poured. If the floor is destined for a garage, you need to prepare a cross member that will be level with the general surface, which is done by nailing a slat of wood on the face inside of the Ribbon from the front, as seen in Fig. 2. In the case that you work only a person, the amount of concrete mixed by see should not exceed two or three wheelbarrow loads, otherwise the work will be very freckled. Mix leftover prepares a table, which may not have less than 1 m side 25 mm thickness, which is nailed to a few slats. Prepares a good mix with one part cement, two sand and four of a conglomerate consisting of chippings and gravel. The sand must be clean, dry and free of impurities, such as dirt or mud. The amount of material needed for any given case can be calculated on the basis that a tonne of dry conglomerate is, roughly, a bucket, 90 cm on each side; All the ingredients are mixed first dry, and stir until the cement is well distributed and all have a uniform gray color.

A pile, makes a depression in the Center, with a watering can is you going by adding water in small amounts, stirring and bringing more water until mixture is semi-fluid. See fig. 3 Mix transported to the place bounded to the floor, on which deposited it in a lot somewhat higher than boards that mark the way, and begins to work, making it enter well in the corners with a shovel or hoe. When you have filled a space of 80 cm or 90 cm wide, smooth it is with the edge of a plank, as seen in Fig. 4 If the concrete is evenly bumped with the edge of the table, the thin parts of the mixture will be on the surface, giving a finished smooth and even, which will have to be level with the top of the frame or mould. spoke with conviction. Later, when excess water has been removed, this surface will be once again smooth with a metal trowel. See fig.

5. Follow mixing concrete and by putting it into the form to have it filled in completely; It ends as shown, and protected against the rain and Frost as well as pets, covering it with sustained bags, as a marquee by means of rods or reeds. If there is no frost, the Sun is very strong, this protection can be removed within 24 hours. Otherwise is suitable leave, at least two days, after which the planks of the shape or mould, may be removed as shown in Fig. 6, but not walk the surface of the concrete up to not having passed several days, after which will be perfectly solid and able to withstand constant use without cracking. Original author and source of the article.