United Kingdom Policies

Points out that Banxico identifies nine major risks on economic activity and five risks on inflation. 1.-The instability in financial markets. 2 That policies that are intended to stimulate aggregate demand, they must be carried out always under the criterion of not putting at risk the health of public finances and respect the restrictions of funding facing the economy. 3. The picture associated with the sources of Finance of Mexico in the next few years looks complicated. 4 As far as the recession in the United States to be more profound and long-lasting, it will continue the downward trend that has been experiencing the growth rate of exports and remittances. 5 National oil trade balance has been showing a strong deterioration, so that it became negative in the fourth quarter of 2008.

6. The critical situation which are going through financial institutions to global level, suggests much more stringent conditions for access to financing, both domestic and international capital markets. 7. The stimulus to the supply of credit associated with a reduction in the benchmark rate could be reduced. 8. The effect on the demand for credit could also be diminished by the deterioration of the prospects for growth and employment.

9. The effects on the economic activity of macroeconomic policies, which seek to stimulate aggregate demand are bounded, and it is not feasible to expect that these will lead to a permanent boost to the growth of GDP. True, said Carlos Tello, who in Mexico, the federal Government does not seem to rise to the occasion. There is no leadership, nor seen depth in analysis. Strives to follow behind and tow events and policies that are put in place at other sites. It is true that Mexico not triggered the crisis, but it is also that we are going to affect, and long. Or even the current programs and policies anti-crisis of neoliberal Governments of Presidents Bush, of EU and Sarkozy, of France, and Prime Minister Brown, of the United Kingdom, which broke with old and entrenched prejudices make change of opinion to the Mexican Government.