Baldassi Rosary

The Opening was decided. In the Mouth and Rosary. Banfield visited Mouth with the illusion in flames before the possibility of securing the first title in its history. Newell" s, two points behind Taladro, received to San Lorenzo in a Colossus of the filled Park. Anxiety and distresses in the waiting room of the absolute happiness or the deepest sadness. Expensive what would show the currency? Banfield counted on the first advantage of afternoon, minim but advantage to the aim. To the Baldassi 17:19 the beginning in Rosary tooted and Endorsement later did five minutes in the Chocolate box. Those of Julio Caesar Falcioni played with delay minimum for the speculation.

Although something is something. The 4,500 fanatics of Banfield who filled the third tray of the Chocolate box exploded in a shout when from Rosary arrived the most awaited news. San Lorenzo played and Newell&quot better; s gave many advantage in defense, without its captain Rolando Schiavi, absent by injury. For that reason to the 8, Bordagaray put in the area, it lowered it to Insaurralde and Baldassi did not doubt: penitentiary. The Kily Gonzlez accommodated the ball took race and removed violent zurdazo cruzado. Sebastin Peratta worsened all senses was thrown on its left and avoided the goal with manotazo.

The celebration traveled 300 kilometers and now those were those of the Leprosy that embraced. Nevertheless the relief of Newell&quot lasted little; s, because the moving Bordagaray dominated pelotazo of Migliore to the 10. One put in the area by left. It hooked and it left in the way to Insaurralde. It ended of right, to place and the ball nailed in the left angle of an impotent Peratta. Again in the Mouth Taladro saw as its dream every time were more concrete. Nevertheless, also he was ephemeral. Because Barraza stuck patadn to him in the chest to Gaitn and Abal acquired the maximum pain without objections.