Think Therefore Exist

This famous phrase comes from Cogito ergo sum attributed to Rene Descartes. Graciously, many take it as that it must first think and then exist. Literally translated, would I think then exist. You can then manage as then, depending on the context. Well, after clarifying roll, move on to the point of this article is that your thoughts are practically you. This is not a philosophical roll; It is a reality. Especially in abstract matters, people are what you think. There is a special for a fan marker of, say, Real Madrid (in football).

The person in question says that it is fanatical, thinks that it is fanatical and, therefore is fanatical. The same can apply to thousand things more. Above all, to thee. Do you think that you can not learn to play guitar? Surely you never can. Do you think that you can study English? Surely will learn to speak it all give. Whatever you’re thinking surely can do it, in one way or another.

When you think and you focus on something you always find new ways to see it. Napoleon Hill mentioned that, to succeed, a person had to create an obsession to achieve your goal. Isn’t this thinking about the same thing all the time? Then, do because everyone spends thinking about things you do not want? Who has no money, he spends thinking about how poor that is, debts, their problems and all the things that cannot be achieved due to lack of money. To which button the bride spends thinking in the only thing that is, you can never recover and that may now never be happy. What do you think? In all your problems and as others have success and you do not? Or what you can and want to accomplish? Eventually, you become what you think. The magic of this is that, who can control your thoughts is you. You can check you in many things, but you decide in that you think and why. You only need to change your attitude, change your thoughts. All that stuff they say repeating positive phrases and speak in positive terms works because it goes beyond just repeating like a parrot: eventually, you begin to think so. You only have power over your way of thinking, so you stop thinking about everything bad that there are and think about the good that you can get. Like many things, it takes effort (especially when wearing long time thinking the wrong way), but it is well worth.

Old Tree

Today, by chance, wanted to the destination that you will find me, after so many years, again with you first .mi great love-you said my name calling me, and I sounded so distant, and at the same time so familiar, that, as if suddenly opened the casket of my memories I couldn’t do anything other than surprised, greet you with a simple kiss on the cheek- and the words left your mouth presurosasas if they wanted to make up for lost time, and told me about you, upon your life without me, thy daughters, which could have been mine, your separation, and so many things, while I looked deep in your blue eyes, recalling., my first love-no longer saw you as before, Coquette, with your blond long hair, with your lips with shine, put on the sly, and I thought, with fear, that to me nor your would see me as before, and when you asked, and you?, as are you?, only could say foolishly., I, well-we said goodbye with another simple Kiss, and without giving us the possibility of another meeting, to which neither of them forced, you alejaste, my first love, as before, like when you llegabas late to your House after our appointments, and as before you gave back to give me your farewell by hand, my great love-had hurt Me more than what supposed encounter, and almost without wanting to, I began to retrace my steps, as returning to a time gone, and I was looking foralso almost unintentionally, the square with the old tree complicit in that time- and I found you, as an old friend, you were there as always, and look in your crust, also the beloved name was there, surviving to step the time.-in silence, I mentally involved with you, old tree in my neighborhood you have in the bark the name of that girl in another time I loved….It was all beautiful then, the Street neighborhood jugueteaba and laughed under the light bulb, and you all shaky, because to the swear you mentias me, I put thousand excuses for not kissing the cross.-my first love!.- And I went, feeling so old like you, while the cold of the night, had dampened my eyes.


You know love, close your eyes, sleep…I will take your dream hand and I will take you walk, not in those places that we tend to go, today will be a very beautiful place, we will travel your and me, inside of you, together, come…We’ll, let’s start this journey, we float among clouds, which already underway will add desires already, I see you, you’ve been quiet, and my silent hands put on alert your body, descending slowly, walking slowly, to remove all your skin closure, releasing some buttons, releasing you breasts, that hamacan to the end free, to receive my kisses, which are climbing slowlyup to your neck, then immerse yourself in the humidity of your mouth, to quench thirsty, while I explore the contours of those two lips of fire, who know how to honey and grilled, where me mojo and I burned my tongue step on them, then pretending to fill you and penetrate this gap, as it will be gone later your body… You feel love, as my trembling hands, lower the last bastion, which hiding your desire, and while going, little by little, my eyes are crossing from the hair root to nail the look where lights my fire…not suspires, still not…I like both looking at the nakedness of your body, as to you that I admire you, not suspires…not yet, reserve them for my kisses already climbing by your skin, that already downloaded by your body, until you reach the place, to this certain fate, Oh love…you’ve discovered, you move me shots, you caressing and you feel like between sighs you say if your humidity is I want to if love, perhaps not see my thirsty lips? .want drinking in your source damelo, is mine, because I have discovered…give me love Oh love how you feel. Now come the end of the trip already is our, your my mattress I your coat…my hands grasp your body .Since you can faint love feel loving .mi your and I, one body. .

Philip Roth

I can not find the substance of this novel. Mastery of Roth driving the novel technique is well known, perhaps this is what makes me stay blank after having closed the book after reading the last page. With the narrative capacity of the author, her tone neutral but appealing, the solidity with which mounted the characters, the description of the historic landscape around this undeniable literary and narrative value keeps the reader on the rails of history. Maybe because the author knows that history itself has no great route, despite the historical background and the obvious moral burden of it, at the right time places the appropriate resource. After the initial exposure, which carries a couple of dozens of pages (the novel has 165), when it carries a third of the total, introduces a radical twist that inevitably engages the reader. The plot may be more typical of a long story as a novel, but Philip Roth is able to maintain the pace and intrigue until you reach the last page. In my opinion, are not looking at one of the final Roth novels, but no lover of literature may not admire the apparent ease with which this writer develops its stories, being able to get the juice to the shortest idea.

The Contract

The young woman behind the gray counter inquired you with a smile learnt in the training courses for employees his name – he said pointing out the form to be completed – forgot the name – he repeated at the time that the man in Brown gabardine was identified on the form, Jaime Laz Garcia wrote while waiting for the receptionist to confirm access to the halls of authorized personnel. The building, dark Crystal, housed one of the most important subsidiaries of multinational computing. Powerful, raised in a small plaza where Jaime Laz was wont to sit with a cup of coffee, he shone by the effect of the Sun on the remains of the rain that had moistened the road during that morning. The man with his usual gabardine permanently rainy winters turned to elevators, also crystal. Third floor.

Contracts-thought while he clicked the button three. You knew well the steps to terminate his contract because he was perfectly instructed for that event when he signed for what went determined to one the rooms where I knew it aguardaria, totally isolated and alone, that someone warned to him; Noting, in the process of waiting, in a security camera installed in that room decorated with the same predominant criterion in the entire building, black panels, gray carpeting and on it a single chair, red. He thought the first time he stepped on the building, minimalism permeated the fashion and it had imposed on any decorative inclinations that denotaran certain personality in space though it didn’t take much to know that aesthetics was not casual but intentional, confluia with the character of the company, any detail that would seek additional characteristics of the employees. This reduction of the elements implied the impossibility of finding a role, at least neglect, a forgetfulness of someone, a dietary, a ballpoint pen, something.

Necessary Change Towards

The necessary change towards the social altruism is not by chance that we have been created like social beings. If we observed deeply our behavior, we will find that each action that we realised is directed to be attracted the social esteem. That is what it sustains to us, and its absence or, worse, the denunciation of the society, causes the greater suffering to us. To feel shame by this indifference or social contempt, is most terrible than a person can experiment, and for that reason we tend to tolerate it and to foment it through the social values like exercise of the power of our ego on the others. Therefore, if we changed the values of the social atmosphere in which we lived, attracting altruistic values such as the preoccupation by the others, sharing, and the mutual union, we will be able then to change our attitudes towards them.

When the society only values to the person by its behavior or dedication to the society, all necessarily we will strive in thinking and acting in favor of the same. If we eliminated the awards that we give the individual excellence, and we would only appreciate to people by its social preoccupation, if the children judged to their parents by these standards, if the friendly, relatives, and colleagues only examined to us according to how or we were related to the others, then we would want to make or to all to gain the esteem to us of the society. Thus, gradually we will get to feel that to express this altruism or generosity towards the others it is a special value and he sublimates in itself, besides the social recognition that grants. We will find that this attitude is in fact the source of the perfect and limitless pleasure; the integral law of the nature, that all contrala and sustains.

Baldassi Rosary

The Opening was decided. In the Mouth and Rosary. Banfield visited Mouth with the illusion in flames before the possibility of securing the first title in its history. Newell" s, two points behind Taladro, received to San Lorenzo in a Colossus of the filled Park. Anxiety and distresses in the waiting room of the absolute happiness or the deepest sadness. Expensive what would show the currency? Banfield counted on the first advantage of afternoon, minim but advantage to the aim. To the Baldassi 17:19 the beginning in Rosary tooted and Endorsement later did five minutes in the Chocolate box. Those of Julio Caesar Falcioni played with delay minimum for the speculation.

Although something is something. The 4,500 fanatics of Banfield who filled the third tray of the Chocolate box exploded in a shout when from Rosary arrived the most awaited news. San Lorenzo played and Newell&quot better; s gave many advantage in defense, without its captain Rolando Schiavi, absent by injury. For that reason to the 8, Bordagaray put in the area, it lowered it to Insaurralde and Baldassi did not doubt: penitentiary. The Kily Gonzlez accommodated the ball took race and removed violent zurdazo cruzado. Sebastin Peratta worsened all senses was thrown on its left and avoided the goal with manotazo.

The celebration traveled 300 kilometers and now those were those of the Leprosy that embraced. Nevertheless the relief of Newell&quot lasted little; s, because the moving Bordagaray dominated pelotazo of Migliore to the 10. One put in the area by left. It hooked and it left in the way to Insaurralde. It ended of right, to place and the ball nailed in the left angle of an impotent Peratta. Again in the Mouth Taladro saw as its dream every time were more concrete. Nevertheless, also he was ephemeral. Because Barraza stuck patadn to him in the chest to Gaitn and Abal acquired the maximum pain without objections.