Bank Crisis

This increase in household savings can be interpreted as a saving by caution for fear that families have of losing their income to the possibility that its members are unemployed. Already at the end of the week the euphoria generated by the novelty of that in the United States is evaluating the creation of a bad Bank that handles American acquire toxic assets of banks, was absorbed by the new negative news that arose in the major economies developed in general and on the economies of the eurozone in particular. At the same time appearing new negative data, the opinions of prominent personalities specialists in the field do not cease generating fear about the future of the economy of the eurozone. Among the views that have generated more impact, that of billionaire George Soros, who has suggested the concrete possibility that the euro will not survive to the current crisis, has been without a doubt that most concerned has to Europeans. Is that in the vision of Soros, if not to absorb the toxic assets in the financial system, this could significantly affect the strength of the euro in such a way as to endanger their survival. The current crisis is not only threatening the euro but is also doing it with a historical currency such as Sterling. It is that the English economy and financial system are going through deep problems that have led to the quotation of the English currency to minimum levels in relation to the dollar and placed in a relation of quasi parity against the euro. While European governments still find a clear exit to the crisis, the proposal for creation of a bad Bank currently evaluated in the United States.UU. It also appears as a valid alternative for European economies out of the crisis. Is this the solution you are looking for?