Dhiogo Jose Academic Caetano of State UEG-University of Gois Word-Key: Source, Historiografia, Hermenutica and Historiado. From the analysis of diverse texts, we can notice that the historiogrfico process is something vast and complex and influenced by the vision it historian. Such influence must be washed in consideration to the imperfection of the memory and diverse the problematic ones refuted in the process. As we can see the work of construction of history this interlaced thing with the representation and the hermeneutics, something basic in the modern historiografia, a form to organize and to investigate the sources, however the historian to have to be necessary how much to the look, to hear and to write a true antropolgico work that it aims at properly said to suck the information, of the diverse verbal sources and traditions of groups, etnias and societies, basic for a construction of the past, something that goes deep the memory, the orality, the distant and next past for breaching with the limits of history. However the historian must look at of analytical and empirical form the sources, not considering the worked memory as weapon x, therefore we can find problematic related with the selective memory which is influenced by the way, beyond the subjectivity that much is worked by the historians. Therefore the historiogrfico process walks in the direction of a complexity, however with problematic deep, therefore ' ' never passed it can be repesado or be refuted as aconteceu' '.