Between Two Cubans

The footpath of Chvez is in the middle of two nationalists of left of Cuban origin who governed to two islands in Century XX. One is Fidel Castro and another one is amon de Valera (a son of Cuban born in the USA that was in the power in Ireland during 37 years). In 1919-21 Of Valera he was the first one to premier of Ireland and in 1921-22 he was his first president. In 1932-48, 1951-54 and 1957-59 were its head of government, and in 1959-73 she was his Chief of State. Of Valera (1882 1975) it made debut in policy organizing rises armed with the WRATH and Without Finn. In 1916 almost it is executed for that reason. Nevertheless, Of Valera he was a pragmatic one that broke with Without Finn creating the republican party (the one that molded to its country and the second that has governed an European democracy more).

On the one hand he got to swear loyalty to the English crown, recognized the partition of Ireland and attacked the WRATH. On the other hand he hit London, like when he did not support to him during II the World war. Chvez admires to I castrate but it rejects to make a revolution communist that it nationalizes to the private companies. Chvez follows a market there model nationalistic and multiin favor democracy but not yet is arranged to also follow Of Valera in sticking more to the center and in accepting to enter or to leave the power and to hold several positions.