Crystal Castles Crimewave

It was the second single from the album to the United Kingdom and it has become part of different soundtracks of American and European film productions. 3 Phoenix 1901:Phoenix is an Electro Indie band formed in Paris France in the year of 1999, its musical enfonque rescues pop roots influenced with a good dose of alternative Rock and electronic characteristics, is a sound very contemporary with a tilt independent in its production. Phoenix is a band that rescues the pop sounds developed by David Bowie and transformed by bands like New Order and with an influence very close to groupings of the likes of Daft Punk. 2 Delphic Doubt: is an Electro Indie band originally from Manchester England (UK) and born in the year of 2008. This band composed of 4 members (Richard Boardman, Matt Cocksedge, James Cook and Dan Hadley) keeps well styles musicles defined in previous decades by bands such as Joy Division, New Order and its maximum influence, Underworld who was the most recognized British electronic band in the Decade of the 90s. So far they only have a record production of study that receives the name of Acolyte and on which song we present here is. 1 Crystal Castles Crimewave: A of the most representative at the end of the previous decade and the beginning of this electronic projects. This sensational grouping is originally from Ontario Canada and is made up of a product (Ethan Kath) and a female vocalist with a very special voice (Alice Glass). His naciemiento goes back to 2004 and for the moment they have two albums of studies that have been very well accepted by professional critics.