Walls not seen Ignacio Ortega writer if something anda sobrado world is walls and borders. Physical walls that separate us, but also ideological, economic, political and legal, although they can sometimes be more unnoticed, also hurt, depart and divided. The Berlin wall whose collapse is now twenty years have seen repeatedly from morning to night, we have read and heard with names as diverse as the wall of infamy, the wall of shame, the iron curtain, will not return. However, those walls that conveys the story leads us to other places where there may be other walls. Each wall that is born takes us inside of other times. And, above all, to the interior of places and times that do not exist, even though we know that they may be very near, that there are people, Governments and States that can lift them. They are other walls have no physical insurmountable walls, but of which we try to not leave anyone. Or that between anyone, or not talk nobody, or that everyone forget.

Reason environmental, for example, is the official excuse that the Government of Rio de Janeiro has explained to the public for fencing the favela Morro Dona Marta with a wall of three meters of pain. As painful as the green line from the West Bank formed by trenches, barbed wire, fencing of Tin and eight meter high cement plates. It is true that if we compare in height perhaps pain of the Melilla barrier decimate him or if pain was tangible, perhaps the Moroccan wall which divided the Saharan territory along 2,500 kilometers is more painful than the favelas of Governor Sergio Cabral. But the power springs have no measurement for pain. There are walls that do not see them but they are walls at the end, and after that, although they can sometimes go unnoticed, separated by prejudices and fears, anxiety or uncertainty of borrowed lives and marginalization, exclusion or disappointment.

Walls that killed the dream of its inhabitants, walls than the they condemn their territory you can Yes franking. Or they can think of franking yours. One of the most violent tensions in my life it had with one Tertullian radio a year ago that was considered wasteful performances by the Andalusian Government in certain neighborhoods of Almeria. Another, with a friend who had heard him say to another common friend of local politics that El Puche, La Chanca or stones round were well behind their walls. I swore on my honor that could not be. Things they say, I told him, as removing iron. My friend did not give credence to what was said by the common friend. At the end I got it calm and after much insisting, convinced him that the hearing was only a nightmare, but not before suggest that walls do not look is better to prudently kept far away.