Diet Cambridge

As a diet low in calories, the Cambridge diet is characterized, its implementation in clinics for losing weight in England dates back to the 1980s. The Cambridge diet is composed of exclusive powders for prosthetic drink, cereal bar and other products for daily consumption. In the United States it was known by the name of Original 330 Formula since it only provides 330 calories per day. Divided into parts of 110 calories in the same morning number at noon and in the evening. Its composition of nutrients is divided in the following way: 10-11 gr. Protein, 1 grams of fat and 15 grams of carbohydrates.

To be eligible to take any of the versions of the diet Cambridge will need to take into account the following: important: should only take it this diet prescription since you will need to acquire only Cambridge prescription products taking into account that you will need to have more than 16 years. Due to restricting calorie in Latin America, this diet is not allowed nor recommended. The British version is composed of three stages which are: preparation: reduce your intake of gradual mode for 10 days. Stabilization: Addition of 400 calories to the diet allowing you to consume white meats or vegetables. Maintenance: You must consume 1500 calories every day.

The American version is composed of 5 parts which are: Regular: consumption of 850 calories for a month to lose weight approximately 8 kilos. Quick start: specialized medical advice to monitor a programme of shock. Medical supervisor: for people with health problems, and that they need to lose weight 50 kg. Maintenance: Its methodology: the food as nutrition.