Espirito Santo

The medieval man lived for the other for the sky. A subject a teocntrico being lived service the holy ghost a being for beyond. If he supported in a word of faith, and the writings of the BIBLE. Now why everything this if repeats? Because we live in a society dominant oppressor and, create our children of a missed form, to be competitive, aggressive individualists and vain people, Today the modern man, goes to the hairdresser makes plastic likes to travel, to take a walk, to take care of of body, shaping making musculao, etc. did not learn nothing with the medieval man, searching the things of the sky.

LIFE EXAMPLE. Now we go to come back to the city of Belm he has two a thousand years behind, he was born in a manger a boy, son of a common woman and of a carpenter, its parents JOSE ARE MARIA. Which the poor, excluded, kept out of society future of this boy, parents. But this boy had a name called JESUS, who wants to say ' ' GOD WITH US ' '. It was call of Master. He made college? Not. But full Age of the Espirito Santo, and its mind if he opened to any human agreement. Its intention of life? To make the good, to cure the sick people to take a word of love, encorajamento force and pardon., to all the human beings, did not discriminate nobody loved to all with the same intensity.

Job? It did not have, but never it lacked nothing to it, passed its life if dedicating to the others. Its friends? All, mainly the kept out of society poor persons and of the periphery. He did not reject nobody looked that it, it always had a word of consolation and love. Its main intention? THE CROSS. Madness, as it said the Greeks.