Department Trade

Visible things have their time, the invisible are eternal. The dynamics of the current global economic scenarios, show significant signs which have impact on the economy of many countries, most now when has appeared a global economic crisis which has had effects in many countries that were not prepared for it. To this is added, in the Venezuelan case, the actions of a Government that has tried to establish what he called socialism of the 21st century and whose actions, programs have seriously affected the business sector, affecting many companies that weren’t prepared for it. The truth, which should also be considered that the current Government has undertaken changes in pro to manifest a more aggressive international trade policy, adapted to the demands of the present. Thereon, to the open forum on the subject at the Department of international trade of the postgraduate program of master’s in business administration, under my responsibility, the Orlando CASTEJoN participant opinion: the current Government has been activating the policy of foreign trade, seeking alliances, treated integration which favour the country, although since then it is preference given to the political party. David Onate in his work of degree of the University of Barcelona, mentions: the market is not neutral, is an economic instrument that can serve to build or destroy.

Although it is a medium large differences generator you can become also a medium for the distribution of wealth. The same thing that science can be directed for peace or for war. It will depend on the will of man, but this desire is, today, those who control the world, or what is the same who control the markets. ( can say that fair trade is a new factor for Venezuela in the current international trade according to his thesis, the fair trade offers a simple and direct method to improve the situation of producers in developing countries.