Increase Weekly Volume

The exercise is one of the priorities for those looking to gain weight, since for those wishing to get it here’s a routine to increase volume created in orientation of those who have been unwilling to schedule one yet. First we need to know that not only exert excessive force in a single area of the body it is important that we work different areas within the routine to increase volume, this is why we have divided all training days established for each area of the body. Day 1: Chest Press and shoulder sitting sitting anteriorPress contract posteriorPectoral.Bench press inclinada(Cada uno 4 series de 12 repeticiones) day 2: Biceps and triceps Curl in hammer.Curl Bar.Milestones in pulley.French press.(Each 4 sets of 15 repetitions) Day 3: rest. Day 4: Thighs and abdomen Curl femoralSentadilla completLateral with mancuernasCurl abdominal(Cada uno 2 series de 10 repeticiones) day 5: pulley forearm to the chest and back.Rowing in machine.Curl of forearm in Supination.pronacion(Cada uno 4 series de) forearm curl 10 repetitions) day 6: calves and shoulders barbell on shoulder heel lift.Heel lift with thigh bar.Press seated sitting anteriorPress posterior(Cada uno 4 series de 15 repeticiones) day 7: rest must be a regenerated rest 60 seconds between each exercise and a break of one day every two to three, is preferred to intensify more and more routine to increase volume, used the day by number, that is not specified the exact day to start it and that is by choice of who chooses to exercise this routine to increase muscle mass. Food influence with training and we must not forget to consume the amount needed to achieve those muscles by adding 500 to 1000 calories more for those who have a weight too low. To see which is the proven plan for any naturally skinny man can finally increase muscle mass, please click here.