Emotional Intelligence

An important feature to have a developed mind, is to exercise emotional intelligence. Read until the end and see the importance that has in our lives and how to develop it in a fast and easy way. We will therefore A length of time, the researchers had the belief that people could only achieve their goals and develop fully, was exercising and reaching a high IQ. Today IQ is called IQ, is to made famous since the IQ level determines that each person mainly by measuring their level of logical analysis and other similar fields is so wise. On the other hand we talk about emotional intelligence, the ability of a person perceive and understand the emotions of others as also the of if same.

Emotional intelligence is very important since it determines the ability of a person to make use of its resources properly. Current discoveries of the University of London England, suggest that emotional intelligence, is also extremely important for the development of memory and motor of many activities of the people. Hence the importance of doing memory exercises aimed at developing this vital intelligence. Below and share some technical exercises for memory that will help you develop your emotional intelligence. 1 Shows respect for others this exercise in emotional intelligence helps you improve your social interaction. You could say that it is based on the famous proverb do not do what you do not like that you do. Until you do an action, remember you’re not the only one with emotions.

It believes that your actions may affect third parties. 2 Choose people to your around you should be careful when you choose that people want to share your moments. This exercise for memory allows you to make sure you’re in tune with your ideals and tastes. You will be able to surround yourself with people who like you, care them and they respect their emotions. 3 Responsible for you of your very important emotions. You leave thinking that the other person is to blame for that you are sad or such and that thing has happened to you. You must understand that you are responsible at all times for your emotions. This does not mean that you can not have sad moments, but simply accept them as what they are, and not try to blame another for your current status. . So which as it happens with other types of intelligence, there are people who lack emotional intelligence, and others that seem to have integrated this intelligence, giving them the ability to integrate and relate to people and life easily from children. Now you have the possibility to develop your emotional intelligence only continuously practicing the appropriate exercises for memory. These are some exercises of emotional intelligence that you can put into practice from now on to develop it.

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Monerias Cientificas

Who studies human thought, can be interested on how it worked the psyche of a certain author, you can find out which ideas gave this branch of their specialty, you can analyze himself in the light of that theory and you can also find how the contribution of the referred author serves to improve the quality of own and others lives. What they do the occurrences that have or had the great thinkers? The utility that seems most important is the increase the quality of life of people. However a majority of scholars apply the greater amount of energy trying to figure out how the genius came to the discovery, delving, for example, how evolved your thinking, what readings did, with those who took courses, etc. An example: the interesting thing about a vacuum cleaner is removing dust from our homes, but should not interest us how did who invented it, what experiments carried out, nor how inspired, or how managed them to sell the first. Mode similar, the good thing about psychoanalysis is knowing who we are to love us as we are and not as we imagine that we are or how we would like to be or as someone told us that we should be. How did Freud to discover this tool (psychoanalysis) is so unimportant as the intimate story of the inventor of the vacuum cleaner.

Our first method of learning is imitation. Why then continue using it even though we are no longer age to do so. Many respectable scholars are busy to discover how it was that his idol did to get that also they would achieve. They try to copy the life of geniuses rather than understand his intellectual productions. < a href > href > original author and source of the article.

Creating Future School

If there is something that does not matter to change or be lost, is entrepreneurship who once had it and put it into practice, albeit with not entirely positive results. If they wish to try again, reemprendedores schools, in which illustrate them properly in its weaker aspects could be designed. Beforehand, we must not forget that one of the biggest concerns of a recently failed business promoter, lies in how economically save their daily needs, when their sole source of resource generation is extinct. And as we practice with unemployed people who attend courses and workshops of the INEM, first of all must be guaranteed a subsidy during the formation. So that more I calm, the interested party may receive enriching lessons in terms of business strategy, marketing, human resources, communication, financial or production, among others. Analyze the reason of failure with business consultants and draw their own conclusions, so as proposals for improvement based on own experience, which constitute the basis of the future plan. There have certainly been very good ideas that have not proved useful perhaps because his promoter and can be a great connoisseur of the business, has been able to lack both an overview of complementary skills. It may our businessmen from the point of view of training leave much to be desired, but we must not forget what we have.

Only them. And if we allow them to found a commercial society with barely 3,000 euros or even less start to work as freelancers, we who have created the monster, being direct causes of their current misfortunes. We are ethically obliged therefore to help them resume, if this is their wish and demand a new opportunity. We form our businessmen prior to hold them accountable, so that they do not become victims of their ignorance and our tolerance. Although, on this second occasion we must be more cautious, and ensure them adequate training. Courses and first-level entrepreneurship programmes, financed by the administration. Courses for reemprendedores must have a faculty that integrates entrepreneurs in exercise, as well as technical level, generalist lawyers, lawyers, economists, audotires, finance obviously must have educational concerns, whereas via economic remuneration, its work has hardly could compensate.

You must flee temptation to hire as tutors graduates with a low wage costs and a good plug. He has to pretend that students share experiences real and tangible, making professional contacts, and to avoid a new wrong performance generated via social costs precisely how much have wanted us to avoid in the remuneration of the coach. It is ultimately, believing in the project and their potential benefits. We escape gurus eager to expose his theories in all forums that are put to shooting in exchange for a handful of euros. A good friend calls: tell me what das conferences, and I will tell you what you do not know. We go to the real experts, those who daily fall into the arena, and who are willing not only to teach but to continue learning themselves with teaching. Those who find it simply rewarding to explain that success he enjoyed, and that it has cost so much them.

Sales Strategies

If you are one of those people who thinks only increase its portfolio of products, and thus capture more market, sell more, solving the business problems, is fine, but for a moment stop thinking about new products, follow not inventing more needs to meet, instead of creating new products to sell, design a new model of business for its sales. I guess you’ve already heard about the major marketing networks, these networks have proven to be a success in business, thousands of people have earned fortunes thanks to this system, which by the way, this system is already part of the most prestigious universities in the world, so they have idea of the seriously who is this new business model. Then, leave for a minute to invest time in expanding its products and devote himself to create new models of distribution for your business, don’t panic, I’m not telling you to start a giant network of sales throughout the country, but this system can use you inspiration to create your own design of distribution, with any benefit plan for which are affiliated to it. The model must be such that all sellers have great incentives, not only to sell, but also by getting vendors, in this way, everyone wins, it is a win win. In this new era of administration, it is necessary to innovate the entire sales system to succeed, while most automated this, and while less slope have to really be that sellers are working, more time will have to engage and build new projects for your business. In conclusion, you can be more competitive while more scope to have your products to the final consumer, if your distribution network has a great coverage, you can forget paid advertising, because you will have Word of mouth marketing operating, as they will all have to have incentives to be in your network. I wish you good luck in your administration, and hope that your business grows day by day. Original author and source of the article..

President Production

Ecopetrol knew take righteous steps in turbulent times in the global economy, what allowed him to count on funding (and ability to finance), for, when everyone runs, boosting its international expansion strategy. In its business strategy, Ecopetrol has been accomplishing good so their investment plans so far this year, despite how hard that is the same for the Colombian and global economy. The oil company has already been executed 45% of planned investments. The President of Ecopetrol, Javier Gutierrez Pemberthy, explained that most of the performed investment plan is focused on current production fields, where $2.715 million have opted to permit further increase production. On the other hand, some US $1 billion has been earmarked the exploratory part (more than 60% investments are concentrated in the production). The company aims to increase production at a rate of 12% per annum until 2015 and has every chance of achieving it. In addition, in just three months, Ecopetrol made purchases US $1.997 million, which represented the third part of the firm investment plan for this year.

In this sense, Gutierrez left in money well clear the objective of the oil company: investment for 2009 plan is aligned with our growth strategy which seeks that in 2015 we will be a global energy company, with a production of one million barrels of oil equivalent, a stronger international presence and a portfolio strengthened in biofuels, refinery and petrochemicals. Own merit and by an improvement in the context, which includes a greater potential wealth in zones where carries out activities of exploration, Ecopetrol shares maintained their upward trend in the remainder of the year. Meanwhile, the price of the action of Ecopetrol closed yesterday on the Colombian Stock Exchange to $2475, accumulating in the year a gain of 22.8% (on the NYSE ADR closed at US $23.9 and accumulates an increase on the year of 29.9%). The price of the stock comes surpassing minimum since the end of 2008. Can the role of Ecopetrol break the ceiling of $3,000? Yes with security, although probably need to wait until 2010 to do so.

A New Conception Of Peace

Deviations has suffered the word peace, which especially since 11-S has come to associate with the concept of security of States against terrorism, it is urgent to promote a concept of peace positive based on the welfare of the person. A concept of peace based on a broad interpretation of it that not only understands peace as the absence of armed conflicts, but conceive it as a situation in which people can freely develop in the absence of aspects such as discrimination, marginalization and injustice. To this end, civil society is revealed as an essential peace building agent. No democratic society can waste one of his great strengths, citizen participation, leaving the responsibility to establish the long-awaited peace in the hands of Governments and supranational institutions. Civil society, composed of a large cast of actors, is that can use the mechanisms of democratic participation that promote peaceful coexistence within the communities. If the concept of peace are approaching reality Spanish, one of the themes to work is the true integration of immigrants, which can be very enriching for the entire population, native and immigrant. In this regard, there are various areas in which we must influence. Firstly, in the conception of policies of immigration and aliens.

The legal normalization of the immigrant community in the society is only possible if we equip our legislation of a social and integrating character based on the respect of fundamental rights of the immigrant population. The police and restrictive dye that are acquiring the policies of immigration and aliens only contributes to criminalize and marginalize the life of a collective projects forming part of our society. On the other hand, the full integration of the foreign population in our society through its ability to develop in the social and economic fields. In this sense, it is necessary to implement policies that promote the ability of labour market integration of immigrants.

Morales Government

The overwhelming result 85 percent in favor of the Yes in the referendum in favour of the administrative autonomy of the Department (province) of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, marks the beginning of the end of Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez, and the Totalitarista socialism which seek to impose. Bolivians again show that they do not shrink from threats of their rulers, and of foreign interest groups. Few towns have such guts to defend their rights. Bolivia was the first South American nation that fought for its freedom, and now restarts the gesta, becoming example of participatory democracy.

The autonomy referendum, is not a merely local, is an event that feel the massive rejection of imperialism Dhaka. Hence his transcendental importance. If the movement started in Santa Cruz, provides motivation for other peoples of the South, begin to organize themselves in an attempt to defend their economic rights and their sovereignty, can open the door towards the creation of solid, enriching, economies free, in societies where reigns the self-determination and the law. Disseminated worldwide, media coverage has allowed see is handled the people sane and democratic, unlike the Morales Government, accustomed to invent a false reality, he continues to deny the huge popular triumph. According to Morales, the referendum was illegal and was a failure. Illegal, because the President intended to vote is subject to its illegitimate political Constitution, which was approved only by their supporters behind the walls of a barracks, while the people are amotinaba to its doors. And a failure, because only 85 per cent voted for its approval. Here about the words, the wisdom of the President could not rule out the arithmetic..

Dominican Republic

Birth Christmas 2009-2010 was a national day against violence on public roads, in addition to other factors of tragedy that arise during the making of Christmas. That operation was governed by the national emergency Commission, composed of numerous institutions of the State and thousands of volunteers scattered throughout the national territory. Its operational body, the Committee of emergency, deployed great effort to reduce identified tragedies that give reason for the day, having at their disposal mobile units emergency and consultations, systems of communication by radio and telephony, media radio and television, helicopters, means of ground transportation, logistical support, etc., etc., etc. On this occasion was divided into two phases, where the first took an alarming accident as well as in the second balance. 24 December and 31 December 27 to January 4, respectively.

A total of 560 injured and 52 were reported fatalities in sinister 238 in the road network national, where about 70% of the vehicles involved in these traffic accidents were motorcycles. So motorcyclists remain the main concern in road safety in the Dominican Republic. We want to make a point that we believe relevant so that at the time of making comparisons with previous years statistics we can be objective, so that the results lead to good future decisions and reliable plans can be developed. I mean that these annual meetings have a day and a particular start time (fixed). This is so, since in 2008 the third bulletin issued by the COE was on 23 December at 12: 00 am December 25th at 10: 00 p.m., while in 2009 it corresponds to the Bulletin No. 2, December 24, at 2: 00 P.M., December 25, at 6: 00 A.M. In addition, that would be very useful for further purposes who register personal data allowing to make contact with their families, time and punctual site of tragedy. With these information, we believe, we can develop campaign involving the associations of victims, may be work of improvement of engineering on tracks, and by assumptions, improving statistics with good comparisons.

The Floor

Now begin to remember you were asleep and a voice speaks to you, is a very sweet voice you recognize instantly while tells you:-my life awakens, it is breakfast time open your eyes and see your mother who smiles as you look, finish wake up and begin to look around your House, it takes not much in finding itThere is your father, the approaching you and you load in her arms and as failure to do so if just you’re a child of eight years approximately, takes you up to the table and feel that you breakfast, at that moment someone knocks the door, blows are strong for what your father hurries to open is a neighbor crying intenselyyour father tries to calm so you can talk to him, but she cannot be controlled then another neighbor arrives and speaks to your father:-its husband is in the plaza will Lynch because theft a few things your father says your mother to take the Lady and is directed toward the square, your you follow it because you have something scary, you’re a little away of the why don’t want you see, eventually your father comes to the site of the riot people to see him step, he opensthe comes to the man who is sitting on the floor crying, you can see that many of the men in the crowd have machetes and shouting very ugly things, you feel afraid by your father, one of the men says screaming to your father:-he is a rat, we trap him stealing there to punish him, you have to cut your hands! Saying that other people began to shout euphoric, your father is bends and takes a piece of tomato that is there nearby man who still cries, you can see that there are many things so close to this subject, people had pulled all sorts of things to beat him, your father addresses the crowd:-as it is that we are all here willing to punish, but none of us is when it comes to help, this rat as you call it, is called Pedro and you know it lived here since I can remember, his daughter Maria plays with my child and yours also, look at all these things that have released him, wasting them, bouncing them and for what? Justice? Do not believe what he did is wrong you must not steal but if we all unite as we are now to help him and not to punish you may never have to do it again, neither he nor any of us can see surprised how the crowd has changed, they are now distressed, those who had weapons are the first to go with the head downothers begin to move closer to the man on the floor and leave food, still crying man takes legs of your father and thanked him again and again, to go dispersing the crowd searches uncovered and your father sees you, you think these problems but when your father smiles you realize that is not, while your father walking towards you understand because people see him as a leader, the always gives them hope in the worst moments, your father is a man who still have faith in humanity, your father arrives you loaded back into his arms and goes towards your House, you’re there cost at your chest and then your father tells you:-you must always help you need, you should never be good must be bad, because the bad guys are always punished a noise brings you back to the present, bodyguards, approaching strips the man you had stuck to the ground, your sword is far and they are already coming, get a knife and you get close to the wall next to the doors they enter to the room but you can see that only two have no chance against you, the man who you’ve released to the floor moves and both point, it is your chance to attack from behind cutting the throat that was near you, when another man realizes is very late your you nailed the knife in the front, take the knife from her forehead and walk toward your sword taking it. . .