Therefore also the longing of Weber create an objective science, with pure normative values asepsis, proved fruitless and we can not detach wisdom, knowledge, science, or any decision outside a framework of values. The attitude to life of the ordinary mortals is to develop the habit of living without meditation, without thinking, without thinking about the mode of automata. He said Proust the voyage of our existence would learn to see life with different eyes. Popular proverbs is full of statements that confirm this stance: man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone, sostenella and not enmedalla, among others. Bacon, therefore, stated that the truth comes more easily the error than from confusion, because in final error assumes absence of light and ideas, and confusion disorientations easily these finding the right way at the end. When we focus our attention, we are affected by a see what, i.e., select that which brings us account according to our interest. Imagine an expededora of tobacco machine.

To the user the only thing that interests him is to verify that his brand of cigarettes is available in order to satisfy your need; the person in charge of the establishment, comply with the regulations in force and that machine successfully return change and expend cigarette packs; Conversely the maintenance technician, you are interested in correct operation of gears, and inspectors from the State, control of sale only to adults and if the document that enables its sale is in rule. The dream of Kant was the aspiration of the age of majority, daring to think, sapere aude, which in definitva is the germ of enlightenment to the extent that it implies a process that goes from the knowledge, public use of the same and its subsequent internalization in humans. Perhaps for this reason, Volteaire, recommend us that the only path that remains for us is to cultivate our garden, when it checks that it will leave this world so stupid how it found. If Kant had been aware of the impossibility of overcoming the pataneria as Voltaire concluded, would have wondered why the obvious is what most us hard to see? Genuine paradox of our life, in other words: is it irrational to be rational, i.e. behave humanely? If our environment from biological adaptation is the culture, do is absurd and contrary to reason to assume roles that society (ultimately the culture), imposes on us? Real contradiction of human beings. The reason, miracle of our existence and evolution, ends up serving unreason. Original author and source of the Article