Sherlock Holmes Museum

A London is more than an adventure trip or a short trip to London City breaks enjoy in today’s ever-increasing popularity. This is mainly because they have many advantages over a normal holiday. In particular the fact that sufficient for a city break even a short trip about three or four days. You must not leave equal to one or two weeks. Some people can not afford a longer holiday. Be it temporal or even financial reasons. On a short trip, you can bypass this fact. Usually everyone can get free a few days and financially to not crashing is also in great expense.

Another advantage is, that gets you to see something of the world and many sights can be visited. For a look at the history of the individual cities are usually more than just a Museum at the disposal. In particular, city breaks London are very popular with the willing to travel. This city has many attractions, a long history and above all a very special flair to offer. Who once visited one of the many markets, know what is meant by that. Awaiting the visitors are not only impressive sights, but also interesting museums, excellent shopping and relaxing parks. Due to the excellent infrastructure, all places in the city can be reached easily. When one speaks of London’s sights, one thinks especially of outstanding buildings such as the houses of Parliament with the world famous Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

Bridge no less interesting are also the more modern attractions such as the London Eye or the Millennium. The museums in London have a very large number of visitors. The British Museum, the Museum of London and Madame Tussaud’s belong to the classics with security, at a London travel or even for a short trip to London on the plan should. Rooms was also smaller museums such as the Churchill or the Sherlock Holmes Museum may very be interesting. There are however also other beautiful places and venues in the city, which are perhaps not quite as well known, but still have their charm. The many different neighborhoods such as Notting Hill, Covent Garden, Soho and Chinatown invite to long walks. Who is a little want to recover from the sightseeing tours, which the numerous green areas of the city are recommended. There are more than enough. To name a few of Hyde Park, Kensington garden, St. James of Park and the Regent’s Park were here. To perfectly round off a London city break, an extended shopping trip to Harrods, the famous department store advisable”, in the Oxford Street or Regent Street, but also to the very popular and diverse markets. Here, the Camden market may be the most famous. For culture vultures still many operas and theatres were to mention, which are known for excellent performances. Boredom is at a London travel with security not to think. Sometimes you know what you don’t want to see first. Therefore, it is also advisable to attend one of the many tours with the red double-decker buses. The tours take visitors to the most famous sites and attractions of London, so you miss nothing with certainty. Jens Hieronymus