Marketing Strategy

The participation of individuals or companies on social networks and achieve concrete results, they rely on strategies and plans clear and defined in the different social communities on the web. These people not only have defined and quantified what they want to achieve, but that they also measure those results then make corresponding adjustments in the initiatives and/or activities carried out in the media and social networks. It is important that a social media marketing strategy include: 1. research and analysis: investigating thoroughly the social media to understand fully what opportunities there are, where is your target audience, which are ideal channels, etc. They analyse the information collected and defined clearly in what media and social networks will have presence. They define concrete, quantifiable and measurable objectives.

2 Development and implementation: develop an action plan with concrete and detailed activities to be carried out through different channels identified and selected. Then, implement the plan of social media or social media carrying out detailed tasks, recurring and consistent manner. 3. Evaluation and optimization: evaluate the results obtained from the different activities carried out and make corrections and adjustments to achieve the set objectives. In short, those who achieved concrete results in social networks: * have a clear and measurable strategy * investigate and identify appropriate means for its activity * build a professional presence on these networks or social media * they manage and optimize that presence in networks and social media * measured the results of the activities and initiatives carried out all of the above, of coursealigned with the overall objectives of the business.

A social media strategy is sustained as an additional initiative in order to contribute to the achievement of those overall objectives. Another important axis in the social media strategy is to know our target audience. Know who addressed us, where are you, needs must, difficulties or challenges faced, they like, etc.