Metropolitan Region

I did not have as not to remember that railroad does not sensetize the Toucans exactly, has seen privatization of the FEPASA, abandonment of tracks and stations, a series of things, makes that me to believe that the business of them is same roads, therefore always has one lugarzinho more if for a toll Everything this passed for my head and I nor perceived that the Lynno if esgoelava of the other side of the line, saying: You are there? You are there? The credits go to finish I already saw direct connections of more development comings of Brasilia (Dilma) and So Paulo (Squid) for cities of the Region Metropolitan of Campinas (RMC), such as: Sumar (Bacchim), Hortolndia (Perugini), Arthur Walnut (Capelini), Cosmpolis (Fernandes) and Campinas, city where the Dr. Helium is partner of Squid and the vice one is Demtrio, of the PT. To my side, somebody, that I finished discovering to be Toucan of wallet, fell when hearing mine: ours the Squid goes to govern So Paulo! , but, unhappyly, the Lynno corrected the notice, using Cell, that it was in the last credits: What? She is not president Lula who will be candidate? Ah, she is the president of the Corinthians, the Andrs Sanchez, and to the member of the house of representatives I already had written the heading of the article and I kept it the linking of the Lynno fell. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist of the assessorship of the press of the City hall of Sumar email: edsonsilva jornalista@>.