Paul Feyerabend Researcher

At last, having in account the fact of that all document is at the same time true and false, it is treated to put to the light the production conditions and to show where measured the document it is instrument of a power. A choice that necessarily means a refusal, a resignation to a infinity others of quarrel possibilities. in all written workmanship it has an absent workmanship. This wants to say that to select sources and ways to tell it estimates the option to exclude from the context other sources and ways to tell. In historiogrficos terms, this indicates that to each interpretation a myriad of other possible forms of apprehension of the object is left of side and that, still, new felt always will be able to emerge of other onslaughts.

The researcher must initiate its to make for the fact, for the empirical data, renouncing of all arcabouo theoretician and if to fix in its device, as it places Paul Feyerabend the idea to lead the businesses of science with the aid of a method, that it locks up firm, invariant principles and unconditionally obligator it is seen ahead of considerable difficulty, when ece of fish in confrontation with the results of the historical research. We verify, making a confrontation, that does not have one alone rule, even so reasonable and established well in the epistemologia, that leaves of being violated at some moment. One becomes clearly that such breakings are not accidental events, are not resulted of insufficient knowledge or carelessness that could have been prevented. We perceive, in contrast, that the breakings are necessary for the progress. In the last few decades a magnifying of the historical document notion is perceived. The widening of the conception of source made possible to the researcher an addition to the investigativas possibilities, what it requires as consequncia, a reflection and problematizao of these alternatives.