Leopard HTC

A day ideal for the ride or adventurers who offered only two dimensions of third category on the menu, and away from goal. Soon, at kilometer 12, formed at 20 km from Luis Angel Matt (Cofidis), shortlisted for the World Cup, Roldan (Andalusia), Australian Adam Hansen (Omega) and Ukrainian Ruslan Pydgornyy (Vacansoleil), the latter team than most work to provoke the takeoff. The Quartet, with more enthusiasm than future, opened an advantage of 9 minutes, moment in which teams of the ride ignited alarms to play its trump card in Pontevedra, perhaps the last until arrival at Madrid, is why some, like the German Marcel Kittel, winner in Talavera, announced in the output its abandonment after the stage. The Favorites are sided in that battle, it wasn’t a day for them. The leader and other candidates saved forces before the etapon of los Ancares, where they hope to 4,500 meters of accumulated difference. A truce to take momentum.

The platoon threw down the getaway at 7 kilometers of goal, when claudicaron killed and Pydgornyy, defiant before a marabunta commanded by HTC, without Cavendish and Goss, but with German Degenkolb. The Leopard is also revealed in head pulling block, at a pace that is unbearable to try to more adventures. Tony Martin (HTC) was delivered in the placement of Degenkolb, but Cancellara did the same by Bennati. Swiss locomotive made shattering the Group and took the Italian so you assailant at 300 meters. But the plan failed. He had his wheel to Peter Sagan, very tanned for their age. Slovak sought the best wheel of the platoon and he did the rest alone, without the assistance of your team. When Cancellara departed broke the bug to chop again. Source of the news: Peter Sagan won the sprint of the 12th stage of the Vuelta

Chinese Government

Guillermo Ximenis / actor is rolling as the protagonist World War Z, a new twist on the genre of the undead. Brad Pitt has moved to Glasgow, the filming location, with his family. Actor Brad Pitt has launched the fashion of zombies with the World War Z movie, which has become the center of the Scottish city of Glasgow in scenario of a fictional world war that pits humans against undead. The usually calm life of Glasgow has been trastocada with the presence of one of the most famous couples in Hollywood, actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, accompanied by her six children, – Vivienne, Shiloh, Maddox, Knox, Zahara and Pax. The couple and their offspring arrived Tuesday in Glasgow aboard a train private nine wagons and 450 places rented by Pitt, who resides with his family in a luxurious mansion in a nearby town, during the two weeks of filming in the Scottish city Bishopton. Brad Pitt is the star and producer of the film World War Z, based on a novel of terror of Max Brooks and which embodies an employee Nations that travels the world to try to stop an epidemic of zombies born in China. In total, it is estimated that the production of the film, very Hollywood taste and to be released in late 2012, will cost about 80 million pounds (91 million euros). For the filming of this movie, the center of Glasgow, a city of more than half a million inhabitants, has become a decorated that simulates a large American city.

The traditional British black taxis have been replaced by other yellows, the Red mailboxes have been hidden and traffic lights have been changed by others similar to those used in Philadelphia, one of the main scenarios of the fiction of World War Z. The family of Brad Pitt has spent weeks in London, where they had already have left view on several occasions while they were shopping, but has not been up to Glasgow when they have aroused the fervor of the fans. Since two days ago, the surroundings of George Square, where is great wheel part of the film, they are overcrowded of curious that they roam the area to try to see the actor. Others that come to the square are nearly a thousand people who have been hired as extras in the film by a salary of 120 pounds (140 euros) daily. The actor and producer of 47 years has given the direction of the film to Marc Forster, responsible for, among other titles, Quantum of solace of James Bond, Finding Neverland or the Academy Award winner Monster s Ball.

The original story is about how the living dead spread worldwide after that the Chinese Government is unable to contain an infection of unknown origin, which turns people into zombies. After a chaotic period in which several countries are destroyed between them before the confusion caused by the wave of undead, United States takes the reins of the international community to lead a counterattack against the zombies. Brad Pitt joins with this film to fashion the world Z (zombies films) movies, which have happened to the vampires. Before him, had already signed their contribution to the genre other stars like the actor Bill Murray, who took part in the black comedy Zombieland, or tape the actress Milla Jovovich, who starred in four film saga of Resident Evil, based on the game of horror Resident Evil or Biohazard.

Luxembourger Andy Schleck

Evans gets in the timed overcome his disadvantage with Andy Schleck. It will be the first Australian who put the yellow jersey in Paris. Cadel Evans gets 34 years his first Tour de France. The Australian Cadel Evans (BMC) was second in the penultimate stage of the 2011 Tour, a 42.5 miles behind the German Tony Martin (HTC), individual time trial, and snatch the lead the Luxembourger Andy Schleck (Leopard). Evans, who faced the day with 57 seconds of disadvantage compared to the lesser of the Schleck brothers, surpassed him this Saturday by more than two minutes. The Australian, for 34 years, is the virtual winner of this edition of the Tour, failing only in the last stage, with the finish on the Champs Elysees in Paris. Andy Schleck is second overall, to 1.34, and his brother Frank, third, to 2.36.

Do I not believe Evans wept after getting off the podium in which placed him the Tour de France leader’s yellow Jersey, a day before the honorary walk of the winner by the Champs Elysees of Paris. I don’t think so, I’ve been so long focused on win, said the Australian, virtual winner. Evans, that tomorrow will be the first Australian to win the race, said that he was afraid twice lose this Tour. With the mechanical problem on Friday in the Telegraphe and with Andy Schleck and Contador ahead I was afraid. But I kept my cold blood, he confessed.

20 Years ago I saw the Tour de France for the first time on television. That day I started to work to achieve it. I do for cycling, but also for all those who have believed in me, starting with Aldo Sassi, said in rrencia to his coach, who died in December passed by a brain tumor. Source of the news: Cadel Evans takes the throne of the Tour de France from Andy Schleck

International Monetary Fund

What really matters is to draw attention of Governments because collective, drastic action is needed and now. The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, with respect to the turbulence shaking ever more of the world was last night expressed this forcefully. In a table round organizadad with several media, among them the country, the leader of the Fund referred to the long-awaited economic recovery and the role of banks in the process. When we see the economic situation, there are two clear objectives: growth and employment. To grow credit is needed and for that the banks must have solid balance. We need banks that can finance growth and have a robust balance sheet. We are not pointing to anyone, he noted, without elaborate on his recent – and controversial-statements on the need to recapitalize the European banking. Source of the news:: Lagarde urgently calls for “collective” and “drastic” action