International Monetary Fund

What really matters is to draw attention of Governments because collective, drastic action is needed and now. The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, with respect to the turbulence shaking ever more of the world was last night expressed this forcefully. In a table round organizadad with several media, among them the country, the leader of the Fund referred to the long-awaited economic recovery and the role of banks in the process. When we see the economic situation, there are two clear objectives: growth and employment. To grow credit is needed and for that the banks must have solid balance. We need banks that can finance growth and have a robust balance sheet. We are not pointing to anyone, he noted, without elaborate on his recent – and controversial-statements on the need to recapitalize the European banking. Source of the news:: Lagarde urgently calls for “collective” and “drastic” action