City Trip To London

The highlights of the English capital London stands for many things: trends, monarchy, Earl Grey and a lot more. But the town on the River Thames has to offer numerous attractions. For those who don’t know where to start, the travel portal has collected information. There are some things that speaks for a city trip to London. A first stop for every tourist and one of the oldest landmarks is the Big Ben, the largest Bell in the clock tower. In the adjacent houses of Parliament, the people’s representatives meet to discuss new laws. Politically it is also in the Downing Street number 10. For many years, this famous address serves as the residence of the Prime Minister.

Tony Blair has lived there as many years together with the family, before he had to make room for his successor. Another world-famous London landmark is the Tower Bridge, which was completed in the late of 19th century. The roadways folded-up, are a special experience for every visitor to the allow the passage of large ships. The Tower of London is located close to this popular photo subject. In the former prison, among others Maria Stuart waited on their execution.

The Tower of London was also the seat of many monarchs and is home to the English Crown jewels. Even for those who are skeptical of the monarchy, is worth a visit of at Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. So in addition to the cultural programme of fun not too short, a visit to the pub ensures the necessary relaxation at the end of the day. A pint of English beer should compensate for aching feet. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann

Myanmar Burma

The names for the country of Myanmar, Burma or Burma – background and current status change daily in the media. Enters almost every news and headlines every day between Burma, Burma, the terminology and designation of Myanmar isolated Myanmar. So, the German print media use mostly the term Burma (such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the mirror). Numerous news agencies have agreed, however, on Burma. Even though this may give the impression that it was to different countries, actually always the same country is meant. How does the country right now? Centuries long, it was the official name of Myanmar. First, it was renamed in the 19th century by the British in Burma. Because the British had made this country the part of their Indian colony.

The first Portuguese, then emerged in Burma, however, the country called Burma. in 1948, the country gained its independence and still called Burma, until 1989 the military Government renamed the country back its original name of Myanmar. It is therefore for the visitors today extremely confusing to find the old anglicized as well as the current (pre-colonial name). Since the current military junta has no legitimate basis, using the name Burma and Burma expresses an oppositional attitude. The United States and Australia hold about explicitly due to the disapproval of the military regime called Burma.

The United Nations, however, use also Myanmar. Myanmar on the map (image: summer the inhabitants of the country are called Burmese and the Burmese language. The word burmanisch is used for the ethnic unity of the Burmese, providing about 70% of the population. Despite this confusion, Burma, Burma or Myanmar just as before is a very original destination. Who is planning a trip to Myanmar, should contact due to the many uncertainties to specialized and experienced experts.

Thailand Culture

Thai holiday main form of entertainment is fishing in Thailand. This is a very popular entertainment. Fishing resorts offer almost all of Thailand. This is an amazing game, because the fish here is large and very different, so that the most inveterate fisherman will appreciate his catch. Thailand offers the country's numerous attractions in the form of excursions (guided tours thailand).

So, let's determine where best to go to Thailand? One of the most famous resorts in Thailand – Pattaya, an ancient city on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand – is located in the east about 150 km from Bangkok. Pattaya – the most active and "rave" resort in Thailand. In the city plenty of bars, discos, restaurants for every taste, and there are a variety of shows, bowling, shooting galleries, the site for archery, tennis courts, shopping arcades, shops and stalls, weight of various trips and entertainment. Another popular resort island of Phuket in Thailand is located in the south-east of the country in an hour's flight from Bangkok. It is the largest island of Thailand and is considered the pearl of Andaman coast. Beaches of the island are different well-developed infrastructure and very popular with fans of entertainment and night life. Andaman Sea coast with beautiful sea and underwater scenery, coral thickets and caves popular with those who enjoy scuba diving. On the island at any time you can rent a yacht, play golf, do a variety of water sports. Samui Island – one of the most prestigious resorts islands in the world is located 70 minutes flight from Bangkok in the Gulf.

Kizilkobinkoy Cave

In 1978-1979 GG Simferopol cavers found siphon connections between previously known caves, thus opening a single cave system Vyalov – azimuth – landslide. In the mine landslide (110/59 m) discovered the remains of Ice Age fauna. A special place among sports caves takes Ayanskaya (560/20 m). but into her flooded gallery can only cavers, scuba divers. The cave Emine-Bair (210/43 m) and mine Gugerdzhin (60/20 m) are sinter, here found numerous remains of ancient fauna.

If sports are the lot of the cave-trained athletes, the usual tourists enjoy visiting public cavity, the most famous of which are Suuk-Koba (The Cold ') and Binbash-Koba ('Thousand'), located in the northwest of the Lower Plateau Chatyrdaga. Name Suuk-Koba, apparently, is connected with those at the back of the cave never drying up delicate baths with cool water. These slight deepening over the centuries been used as a source of clean drinking water, rare in anhydrous plateau. The cave-Koba Binbash found a huge collection of human bones. On Dolgorukovskaya Yayla is the longest karst cave in Europe – six-storey Kizil-Koba. The cave more than 16 km, the longest cave in Europe.

By Gorge cave is created by a small mountain river Kizilkobinkoy. Saturated lime water river defer it in the form of limestone tuffs, and gradually formed a platform capacity of 400 thousand m3, blocking the gorge, like a dam. Rushing down, the river forms a waterfall cascade over 50 feet tall. The upper slopes of the valley is composed of reddish limestone, which gave the name of the gorge, river and cave.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

A London is more than an adventure trip or a short trip to London City breaks enjoy in today’s ever-increasing popularity. This is mainly because they have many advantages over a normal holiday. In particular the fact that sufficient for a city break even a short trip about three or four days. You must not leave equal to one or two weeks. Some people can not afford a longer holiday. Be it temporal or even financial reasons. On a short trip, you can bypass this fact. Usually everyone can get free a few days and financially to not crashing is also in great expense.

Another advantage is, that gets you to see something of the world and many sights can be visited. For a look at the history of the individual cities are usually more than just a Museum at the disposal. In particular, city breaks London are very popular with the willing to travel. This city has many attractions, a long history and above all a very special flair to offer. Who once visited one of the many markets, know what is meant by that. Awaiting the visitors are not only impressive sights, but also interesting museums, excellent shopping and relaxing parks. Due to the excellent infrastructure, all places in the city can be reached easily. When one speaks of London’s sights, one thinks especially of outstanding buildings such as the houses of Parliament with the world famous Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

Bridge no less interesting are also the more modern attractions such as the London Eye or the Millennium. The museums in London have a very large number of visitors. The British Museum, the Museum of London and Madame Tussaud’s belong to the classics with security, at a London travel or even for a short trip to London on the plan should. Rooms was also smaller museums such as the Churchill or the Sherlock Holmes Museum may very be interesting. There are however also other beautiful places and venues in the city, which are perhaps not quite as well known, but still have their charm. The many different neighborhoods such as Notting Hill, Covent Garden, Soho and Chinatown invite to long walks. Who is a little want to recover from the sightseeing tours, which the numerous green areas of the city are recommended. There are more than enough. To name a few of Hyde Park, Kensington garden, St. James of Park and the Regent’s Park were here. To perfectly round off a London city break, an extended shopping trip to Harrods, the famous department store advisable”, in the Oxford Street or Regent Street, but also to the very popular and diverse markets. Here, the Camden market may be the most famous. For culture vultures still many operas and theatres were to mention, which are known for excellent performances. Boredom is at a London travel with security not to think. Sometimes you know what you don’t want to see first. Therefore, it is also advisable to attend one of the many tours with the red double-decker buses. The tours take visitors to the most famous sites and attractions of London, so you miss nothing with certainty. Jens Hieronymus