The Contract

The young woman behind the gray counter inquired you with a smile learnt in the training courses for employees his name – he said pointing out the form to be completed – forgot the name – he repeated at the time that the man in Brown gabardine was identified on the form, Jaime Laz Garcia wrote while waiting for the receptionist to confirm access to the halls of authorized personnel. The building, dark Crystal, housed one of the most important subsidiaries of multinational computing. Powerful, raised in a small plaza where Jaime Laz was wont to sit with a cup of coffee, he shone by the effect of the Sun on the remains of the rain that had moistened the road during that morning. The man with his usual gabardine permanently rainy winters turned to elevators, also crystal. Third floor.

Contracts-thought while he clicked the button three. You knew well the steps to terminate his contract because he was perfectly instructed for that event when he signed for what went determined to one the rooms where I knew it aguardaria, totally isolated and alone, that someone warned to him; Noting, in the process of waiting, in a security camera installed in that room decorated with the same predominant criterion in the entire building, black panels, gray carpeting and on it a single chair, red. He thought the first time he stepped on the building, minimalism permeated the fashion and it had imposed on any decorative inclinations that denotaran certain personality in space though it didn’t take much to know that aesthetics was not casual but intentional, confluia with the character of the company, any detail that would seek additional characteristics of the employees. This reduction of the elements implied the impossibility of finding a role, at least neglect, a forgetfulness of someone, a dietary, a ballpoint pen, something.