The Intrexx

After the launch, all relevant customer data were within a very short time from the mySAP CRM is integrated into the new system. Now, any sales staff at all locations has about the same customers database. This enterprise-wide gearing could be standardized business processes and the internal process chain closed. The Intrexx business adapter for SAP, which linked the sales portal with the ERP system, ensures that this is possible without media breaks. The centralization of the data stock enabled us to standardize the SAG bid process and to fashion this way faster as well as more transparent.

Through the simple care and maintenance of the new solution, you could also significantly reduces the costs for the operation of the customer management system. Due to these improvements we assume that made investments in that have pays SVP during the first 15 months after the introduction”, included Michael Dronner, head of the e-business Department of the SAG GmbH, the advantages of the new distribution Portal together. In addition to the General customer data are now also business opportunities, activities and planned marketing actions in the SVP captured and linked to workflows. Also, which provides comprehensive information about how a particular quote was generated and why and to whom this was lost SVP. The flexibility of the software also allows to respond quickly to new requirements and suggestions of employees. Michael Dronner is sure that the trend in the future will go portal by the traditional CRM system customer management in the enterprise: I am convinced that the future of customer management in the portal area is located. Simply because you have many more options with an Intrexx portal solution. We would do again just as definitely!” The complete user-report to the sales portal of SAG as well as find more success stories from companies of all industries interested in de / cases.