What Is Cashmere ?

The most curious thing that many do not even know what cashmere and wonder why it is so expensive. I decided in this article tell the story. The word "cashmere" There is something romantic and magical – a luxurious, soft and silky material, those who prikosayutsya him have fun. And no wonder that ladies from all over the world love to wear clothes made of cashmere! In spite of the charm, luxury and splendor cashmere, its production starts at a very modest circumstances. Cashmere – wool or undercoat mountain goats, cashmere goats, so called, which graze in the foothills of Mongolia, Iran, India and China. Cashmere combed from the mountain goats of Kashmir, without causing injury during the season molt, when they get an extra fur is unnecessary. In cold environments, high-altitude climate of the desert, where goats graze most of the winter (temperatures fall below – 20 degrees), they grow their 'Coat' to protect from the cold, but when spring arrives, the goat shed excess hair. One little goat four years required to produce enough wool, from which then will make a warm and soft cashmere jacket, which is why cashmere is one of the most expensive and so tsennitsya! Natural-colored cashmere, white, gray and brown, but the wool of mountain goats of Kashmir is easily dyed.

More and more people in Western Europe, U.S. and Japan every day prefer clothing made of natural kashemira.Teper and our people, thanks to the Internet shop Mongolshop.ru can touch this exquisite material, and feel the tenderness Cashmere things for yourself. Gorgeous blankets, scarves and stoles made from 100% Mongolian cashmere, which is considered the best in the world. Imagine the softness of cashmere in your hands. (C) 2009, Sergei Arajs, author of the project,