Think Therefore Exist

This famous phrase comes from Cogito ergo sum attributed to Rene Descartes. Graciously, many take it as that it must first think and then exist. Literally translated, would I think then exist. You can then manage as then, depending on the context. Well, after clarifying roll, move on to the point of this article is that your thoughts are practically you. This is not a philosophical roll; It is a reality. Especially in abstract matters, people are what you think. There is a special for a fan marker of, say, Real Madrid (in football).

The person in question says that it is fanatical, thinks that it is fanatical and, therefore is fanatical. The same can apply to thousand things more. Above all, to thee. Do you think that you can not learn to play guitar? Surely you never can. Do you think that you can study English? Surely will learn to speak it all give. Whatever you’re thinking surely can do it, in one way or another.

When you think and you focus on something you always find new ways to see it. Napoleon Hill mentioned that, to succeed, a person had to create an obsession to achieve your goal. Isn’t this thinking about the same thing all the time? Then, do because everyone spends thinking about things you do not want? Who has no money, he spends thinking about how poor that is, debts, their problems and all the things that cannot be achieved due to lack of money. To which button the bride spends thinking in the only thing that is, you can never recover and that may now never be happy. What do you think? In all your problems and as others have success and you do not? Or what you can and want to accomplish? Eventually, you become what you think. The magic of this is that, who can control your thoughts is you. You can check you in many things, but you decide in that you think and why. You only need to change your attitude, change your thoughts. All that stuff they say repeating positive phrases and speak in positive terms works because it goes beyond just repeating like a parrot: eventually, you begin to think so. You only have power over your way of thinking, so you stop thinking about everything bad that there are and think about the good that you can get. Like many things, it takes effort (especially when wearing long time thinking the wrong way), but it is well worth.