A New Conception Of Peace

Deviations has suffered the word peace, which especially since 11-S has come to associate with the concept of security of States against terrorism, it is urgent to promote a concept of peace positive based on the welfare of the person. A concept of peace based on a broad interpretation of it that not only understands peace as the absence of armed conflicts, but conceive it as a situation in which people can freely develop in the absence of aspects such as discrimination, marginalization and injustice. To this end, civil society is revealed as an essential peace building agent. No democratic society can waste one of his great strengths, citizen participation, leaving the responsibility to establish the long-awaited peace in the hands of Governments and supranational institutions. Civil society, composed of a large cast of actors, is that can use the mechanisms of democratic participation that promote peaceful coexistence within the communities. If the concept of peace are approaching reality Spanish, one of the themes to work is the true integration of immigrants, which can be very enriching for the entire population, native and immigrant. In this regard, there are various areas in which we must influence. Firstly, in the conception of policies of immigration and aliens.

The legal normalization of the immigrant community in the society is only possible if we equip our legislation of a social and integrating character based on the respect of fundamental rights of the immigrant population. The police and restrictive dye that are acquiring the policies of immigration and aliens only contributes to criminalize and marginalize the life of a collective projects forming part of our society. On the other hand, the full integration of the foreign population in our society through its ability to develop in the social and economic fields. In this sense, it is necessary to implement policies that promote the ability of labour market integration of immigrants.