Morales Government

The overwhelming result 85 percent in favor of the Yes in the referendum in favour of the administrative autonomy of the Department (province) of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, marks the beginning of the end of Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez, and the Totalitarista socialism which seek to impose. Bolivians again show that they do not shrink from threats of their rulers, and of foreign interest groups. Few towns have such guts to defend their rights. Bolivia was the first South American nation that fought for its freedom, and now restarts the gesta, becoming example of participatory democracy.

The autonomy referendum, is not a merely local, is an event that feel the massive rejection of imperialism Dhaka. Hence his transcendental importance. If the movement started in Santa Cruz, provides motivation for other peoples of the South, begin to organize themselves in an attempt to defend their economic rights and their sovereignty, can open the door towards the creation of solid, enriching, economies free, in societies where reigns the self-determination and the law. Disseminated worldwide, media coverage has allowed see is handled the people sane and democratic, unlike the Morales Government, accustomed to invent a false reality, he continues to deny the huge popular triumph. According to Morales, the referendum was illegal and was a failure. Illegal, because the President intended to vote is subject to its illegitimate political Constitution, which was approved only by their supporters behind the walls of a barracks, while the people are amotinaba to its doors. And a failure, because only 85 per cent voted for its approval. Here about the words, the wisdom of the President could not rule out the arithmetic..