Agricultural Product

Its main function of the ballot in such a way of the Real how much of the Financier it is the immediate act of receiving of its value, that implies in the use of the future installment for the accomplishment businesses current where from it, the agricultural producer has ways to catch form resources clere, with the anticipated sales of determined product, what it stimulates the growth of agro businesses searching to understand the nature legal of. The Ballot of Agricultural Product RR is distinguished from the Ballot of Agricultural Product RF for if dealing with promise of delivery of agricultural products instead of promise to pay in money with or without guarantee cedular, as much for the agricultural producer, as for its association or cooperative. The CPR does not constitute debt document to be paid, in the expiration, by means of fulfilment of installment to deliver certain addition in money. For the opposite, it represents obligation to deliver, in future date (of it I won mento of the heading) the product object of the obligation, in the indicated amount and quality. As much this is truth that, for collection of the CPR, fits collection suit for delivery of uncertain thing (art. 15). It is what it results, by the way, and of course, of the fact of the CPR to be liquid and certain, demandable heading for amount product quality in foreseen it. The Financial Ballot of Agricultural Product differs from the Ballot of Real Agricultural Product for the mode of payment, is noticed that the two forms of if using the Ballot are when the drawer receives definitive volume from resources in the act of the sales, that is, of the emission of the Ballot, being that when this to be successful, instead of occurring the tradition of the merchandise to the creditor, the drawer eliminates in money, that is, eliminates the Ballot of Agricultural Product for the price of the day of the merchandise, object of negotiation, thus perfazendo the correspondence in product.