LEADERSHIP HEIFER, Fabola Adam HISSES, Gisele Maria BOAT, Juliana Alexandra Pear tree of Oak SUMMARY the Leadership is a subject that amongst decades and a generated discurso between that it circulates in the empesarial world. A subject that pra many are considered in problem for others the great solution to unmask a management without great conflicts. A theory that grows with some clarification enterprise questions that do not keep silent ahead of as many arguments, crescimentos and discovery in way the companies and groups that search a perfect leadership with perfect lead. WORDS KEYS: Leadership, Management, Conflicts, Growth, Leader. ABSTRACT Leadership is theme that among decades and generated an increasing discussion among all circulating in the world empesarial. Theme you which many ploughs considered it problem you others you uncover great solution will be management without major conflicts. Theory that grows with several clarifying questions that only ploughs not silent in the face of many arguments, growth and discovery among business and corporate groups seeking to leader with perfect perfect leaders. KEYWORDS: Leadership, Management, Conflict, Growth, Leader.

INTRODUCTION During years studying the strategies of a leadership comes if developing some criteria and forms that are used for a concrete lideracional abrangncia. Some points and concepts will also fail that leadership and cream and that to a model of leader, studies will only prove that the leadership can be cultivated worked in some points where also incases the varied types of profiles of a leader therefore at some moments and necessary to be flexible or to get two different two personalities or character therefore the circumstances are probable. To direct in a group and to make with that orders are absorbed and that the income does not fall and necessary to not only be efficient but also to be efficient, to construct together with to a team or a company a leadership of great foundation still cause arguments without answers still we are far from knowing what and as if it is or if it makes a leadership without imperfections.