French Revolution

With being able almost absolute on the work and behavior rules, he exerted the local authority that if extended for very beyond the limits of the device. They had formed you the first elite economic politics and of the history of our country. Wealth is to be able, as Hobbes says. But the person that acquires or inherits a great richness not necessarily acquires or inherits, with this, any power politician, either civil or military. Possibly its richness can give the half ones to it to acquire these two to be able, but the simple ownership of the richness will not assure none to it of these two to be able. The power that the ownership of this richness assures to it, of immediate and direct form, is the purchase power; a certain command on all the work or all the product of the work that is then in the market. Its richness is bigger or lesser, accurately in the ratio of the extension of this power; that is, in accordance with the amount of other people’s work or & mdash; what &amp is the same thing; mdash; of the product of the other people’s work that this to be able it of the conditions to buy or to command.

The value of exchange of each thing will be always accurately equal to the extension of this power that this thing brings for its proprietor (the Economists, P. 384). The then scene, demanded a measure standard, that made possible the commercialization of the merchandises between the countries and from the French Revolution, in 1790, the General States 1 had decided for the creation of an only system of weights and measures. The idea was to easily establish a natural measure that could thus be found in the nature and, to be copied. It also had another requirement for this unit: it must have its established submltiplos according to system decimal.