New Brazilian Civil Code So great must be the prudence of the countable professional when handling these information, therefore as it makes use the New Brazilian Civil Code in its articles 1,177 and 1,178, the responsibility of the accountant is solidary, that is, it answers in a similar way for the information generated in its reports that the entrepreneur? the supplier of the data – what it calls chairman or master. Beyond supplying the information the company-customers, the quick accountant information to the government of all the spheres: federal, state and municipal; it supplies the statistical data, serving of base for the budgetary planejamentos and tributaries. Costuma to characterize it as a link between the Treasury department and the Contributor. To deal with the importance of the accountant in the enterprise management is to try of some form to evidence a reality not yet evidenced by many, even so this profession is passing for a evolutivo process of awareness of its real importance for the companies. Still it has very to conquer for then reaching the dreamed valuation of the category, therefore many not yet give the due value to this professional, do not understand the value of the countable information, its relation cost benefit, therefore the importance of the information if of basically for its purpose, therefore the more it to bring benefits it company and will be real and trustworth more excellent and influential it will be in the power to decide process in any phase: planning, execution or control. The accountant only limits itself to calculate it and to emit the taxes its customers to pay or it are worried in adjusting it the requirements of the market, that require of it a new professional position? He knows the importance and the responsibility of its acts? He is worried in investing in technologies assist that them in the rapidity and the quality of the given services? The general objective of this article is to show to the new profile of the accountant and the necessities of the reformularizations of accounting for the insertion in the competitive market. Already the specific ones are: to allege the expectations of the profession in Brazil; to show the importance of the accountant in the support to the power to decide process; to verify if the accountant is if preparing to take care of the expectations that if create around such professional.