Monerias Cientificas

Who studies human thought, can be interested on how it worked the psyche of a certain author, you can find out which ideas gave this branch of their specialty, you can analyze himself in the light of that theory and you can also find how the contribution of the referred author serves to improve the quality of own and others lives. What they do the occurrences that have or had the great thinkers? The utility that seems most important is the increase the quality of life of people. However a majority of scholars apply the greater amount of energy trying to figure out how the genius came to the discovery, delving, for example, how evolved your thinking, what readings did, with those who took courses, etc. An example: the interesting thing about a vacuum cleaner is removing dust from our homes, but should not interest us how did who invented it, what experiments carried out, nor how inspired, or how managed them to sell the first. Mode similar, the good thing about psychoanalysis is knowing who we are to love us as we are and not as we imagine that we are or how we would like to be or as someone told us that we should be. How did Freud to discover this tool (psychoanalysis) is so unimportant as the intimate story of the inventor of the vacuum cleaner.

Our first method of learning is imitation. Why then continue using it even though we are no longer age to do so. Many respectable scholars are busy to discover how it was that his idol did to get that also they would achieve. They try to copy the life of geniuses rather than understand his intellectual productions. < a href > href > original author and source of the article.