Safe Applications

To have a balanced budget is tranquillity guarantee. You uncontrol in the budget cause, beyond financial problems, psychological consumings and until problems in relationships. Many times the impulse to saciar serious an immediate consumerism cause future problems in the finances. The ideal is to keep the accounts in day, to follow taking some attitudes, as: To plan the expenses to know the consumption limits; To control the consumption impulses; Not to have a bigger standard of living of what the ownerships; Not to pay bigger interests of what the ones that receive from the investments; To save to guarantee future acquisitions; To never disdain the inflation; To resist the temptation to spend the saving that will guarantee the oldness; To inquire itself well before investing; To never disdain small values; To never disdain a good negotiation of prices. 2.5.1.

Which are the Operations Most common of Investment? Before starting to invest, it is important to plan the finances. This means that if they possess debts or they have spent more than what it earns, is necessary first to make the house duty and to organize the budget, for then starting to invest the saved money. The operations most common of investment traditionally available in the market they are: Applications in fixed income; Applications in CDB and RDB (Prefixada); Applications in CDB and RDB (Ps-fixada); Application in matching-fund saving account (post-fixed fixed income); Applications in property and Safe from Life. Applications in fixed income an application of fixed income generates a value of bigger rescue that the applied one and that can be daily pay or posfixada. The ultimate issue is in the act of the application. In the predetermined applications the investor at the moment of the application already knows the value to be rescues in one definitive time, being also known the tax of the operation. Already in the applications posfixadas the value of rescue alone is known in the date of liquidation of the operation, in this in case that it does not have tax of interests predefined.