Spanish Constitution

He did a lot that I not moved by the geeks of Santander environments. Before I was that reading comics, playing the role and I difradaba’s death (from The Sandman) to go to comic Conference in Barcelona (the standard, specifically), but that I was a little bit because they changed my priorities. The thing is that last Tuesday which was the day of the Spanish Constitution, some friends Pory and Ori (which incidentally, in February will be potatoes!) invited us to eat and go out these days of Board Games. Love Paul, so despite that not I consulted it was him I closed the treatment immediately. I found myself with some well-known people and I was surprised to see that many have not moved tab since then and remain the same, with the same things in part give me envy, lucky them! that can go to concerts and wagging like crazy long hair, the role-playing game for hours and listen loud music without their children become crazy! but not change what I have for anything, is as satisfying to go out with your family for a ride and when you get home from work to see that they are waiting for you and be able to pass a whole without epilating month that happens nothing jajajaj! Returning as before, that the clamp will be me. the game in question that you are going to see in the pictures is making towers, the Tower more stamina is the winner. To do this you have a few pieces of precious stones (which are made of plastic) to spend and bet on the wooden parts that you want to make your Tower.

You can get parts contributing to highest or by rejection, there are pieces that his mother would like to put in your Tower because they are somewhat complicated, but there is the divertimento. The truth is that we spent it well, and at the end was Poty which won how do not if it is civil engineer? Because starting today, and during the next few weeks, in particular until the 26th of December, you have the chance to win this fantastic free online poker.Ultimately telling us your suggestions so that Pequeinformatica can move closer to your tastes and your expectations. Among all the mail that we receive, we’ll draw on this fantastic game. So I encourage you,! how many more tips, more chances of winning so you know, to enjoy fun and educational moments with this fantastic game of chance, only have to participate in this simple drawing. More easy impossible. It is a game that amused me a lot and that sooner or later we’ll have it at home