Old Tree

Today, by chance, wanted to the destination that you will find me, after so many years, again with you first .mi great love-you said my name calling me, and I sounded so distant, and at the same time so familiar, that, as if suddenly opened the casket of my memories I couldn’t do anything other than surprised, greet you with a simple kiss on the cheek- and the words left your mouth presurosasas if they wanted to make up for lost time, and told me about you, upon your life without me, thy daughters, which could have been mine, your separation, and so many things, while I looked deep in your blue eyes, recalling., my first love-no longer saw you as before, Coquette, with your blond long hair, with your lips with shine, put on the sly, and I thought, with fear, that to me nor your would see me as before, and when you asked, and you?, as are you?, only could say foolishly., I, well-we said goodbye with another simple Kiss, and without giving us the possibility of another meeting, to which neither of them forced, you alejaste, my first love, as before, like when you llegabas late to your House after our appointments, and as before you gave back to give me your farewell by hand, my great love-had hurt Me more than what supposed encounter, and almost without wanting to, I began to retrace my steps, as returning to a time gone, and I was looking foralso almost unintentionally, the square with the old tree complicit in that time- and I found you, as an old friend, you were there as always, and look in your crust, also the beloved name was there, surviving to step the time.-in silence, I mentally involved with you, old tree in my neighborhood you have in the bark the name of that girl in another time I loved….It was all beautiful then, the Street neighborhood jugueteaba and laughed under the light bulb, and you all shaky, because to the swear you mentias me, I put thousand excuses for not kissing the cross.-my first love!.- And I went, feeling so old like you, while the cold of the night, had dampened my eyes.