You know love, close your eyes, sleep…I will take your dream hand and I will take you walk, not in those places that we tend to go, today will be a very beautiful place, we will travel your and me, inside of you, together, come…We’ll, let’s start this journey, we float among clouds, which already underway will add desires already, I see you, you’ve been quiet, and my silent hands put on alert your body, descending slowly, walking slowly, to remove all your skin closure, releasing some buttons, releasing you breasts, that hamacan to the end free, to receive my kisses, which are climbing slowlyup to your neck, then immerse yourself in the humidity of your mouth, to quench thirsty, while I explore the contours of those two lips of fire, who know how to honey and grilled, where me mojo and I burned my tongue step on them, then pretending to fill you and penetrate this gap, as it will be gone later your body… You feel love, as my trembling hands, lower the last bastion, which hiding your desire, and while going, little by little, my eyes are crossing from the hair root to nail the look where lights my fire…not suspires, still not…I like both looking at the nakedness of your body, as to you that I admire you, not suspires…not yet, reserve them for my kisses already climbing by your skin, that already downloaded by your body, until you reach the place, to this certain fate, Oh love…you’ve discovered, you move me shots, you caressing and you feel like between sighs you say if your humidity is I want to if love, perhaps not see my thirsty lips? .want drinking in your source damelo, is mine, because I have discovered…give me love Oh love how you feel. Now come the end of the trip already is our, your my mattress I your coat…my hands grasp your body .Since you can faint love feel loving .mi your and I, one body. .