Sunday Telegraph

Ray, of 17 years, appeared in Berlin saying that it did not remember who was. It outdoors assures to have survived 5 years in a German forest. Its version has not convinced the police, that it continues investigating his origin. One is in good physical form and it does not present/display violence signs. Amnesia, fantasy or a tragic history. The average British shoot to the speculations surroundings to the mysterious adolescent who assures to have lived during five years in a German forest and that the police is not able to identify. When Ray, of 17 years, appeared the 5 of September in the city council of Berlin explained in perfect an English that did not remember its last name nor its origins.

His first words were: " I am only in the world. Not who I am. Please, ayudadme". The version on which it lived in a forest next to his father from the death of his mother, five years before, finishes convincing neither to the police nor the skeptical British journalists who track their passages without much result. Physicist and behavior " sorprendentes" The tabloide The Sun has crossed " bello" but " inhspito" National park of Bavaria where supposedly it survived outdoors and where it buried his father to on foot initiate periplo of two weeks until the guided German capital solely by a compass. The guards of the natural reserve recognize that there are many wild foods like mushrooms and fruits that can be eaten, but that the hard climatologic conditions during the winter make the survival there almost impossible. In one he interviews with the Sunday Telegraph, the German civil servant who took care of Ray initially reveals that the blond adolescent with blue eyes " it did not seem vagabundo" , that was clean and it did not smell. She was who looked for lodging to him in a center of minors and she indicated to him like arriving there in meter.