The Sugar Colonial Society

The COLONIAL SOCIETY SUGAR Elias Joo Penalty SUMMARY: This work looks for to focus the life in the sugar colonial society, of this of the device until the arrival and contribution of the Jesuits to defend a people who of free and happy was passing to a life suffered from slaughter and escravismo. Beyond displaying on the sugar colonial society, it will try to explain that the indian suffered equally as the black and the mestizo. This research also looks for to tell the importance of the black as man power for the Portuguese, mainly in the constructions and maintenances of the devices, telling its suffering as human being, person whom feeling thinks and has, humanistic qualities, rejected for that they only wanted to explore and to maltreat these men, women and even though defenseless children of any rights that its freedom guaranteed. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: black, indian, colonial, white and crossbred sugar society. DEVICE: It can be said that; the device was the set that contribua for the production of sugar cane-of-sugar. Where it had the chapel (place where if it carried through religious masses, marriages and meeting with free men and obliged farmers), the house-great one (housing Mr. of device and its family), the sugar cane, the canavial and senzala (housing of the slaves). In the manufacture of the sugar it had the milling, the house to purge and the house of the boilers.