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  • January 08th, 2014
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Now begin to remember you were asleep and a voice speaks to you, is a very sweet voice you recognize instantly while tells you:-my life awakens, it is breakfast time open your eyes and see your mother who smiles as you look, finish wake up and begin to look around your House, it takes not much in finding itThere is your father, the approaching you and you load in her arms and as failure to do so if just you’re a child of eight years approximately, takes you up to the table and feel that you breakfast, at that moment someone knocks the door, blows are strong for what your father hurries to open is a neighbor crying intenselyyour father tries to calm so you can talk to him, but she cannot be controlled then another neighbor arrives and speaks to your father:-its husband is in the plaza will Lynch because theft a few things your father says your mother to take the Lady and is directed toward the square, your you follow it because you have something scary, you’re a little away of the why don’t want you see, eventually your father comes to the site of the riot people to see him step, he opensthe comes to the man who is sitting on the floor crying, you can see that many of the men in the crowd have machetes and shouting very ugly things, you feel afraid by your father, one of the men says screaming to your father:-he is a rat, we trap him stealing there to punish him, you have to cut your hands! Saying that other people began to shout euphoric, your father is bends and takes a piece of tomato that is there nearby man who still cries, you can see that there are many things so close to this subject, people had pulled all sorts of things to beat him, your father addresses the crowd:-as it is that we are all here willing to punish, but none of us is when it comes to help, this rat as you call it, is called Pedro and you know it lived here since I can remember, his daughter Maria plays with my child and yours also, look at all these things that have released him, wasting them, bouncing them and for what? Justice? Do not believe what he did is wrong you must not steal but if we all unite as we are now to help him and not to punish you may never have to do it again, neither he nor any of us can see surprised how the crowd has changed, they are now distressed, those who had weapons are the first to go with the head downothers begin to move closer to the man on the floor and leave food, still crying man takes legs of your father and thanked him again and again, to go dispersing the crowd searches uncovered and your father sees you, you think these problems but when your father smiles you realize that is not, while your father walking towards you understand because people see him as a leader, the always gives them hope in the worst moments, your father is a man who still have faith in humanity, your father arrives you loaded back into his arms and goes towards your House, you’re there cost at your chest and then your father tells you:-you must always help you need, you should never be good must be bad, because the bad guys are always punished a noise brings you back to the present, bodyguards, approaching strips the man you had stuck to the ground, your sword is far and they are already coming, get a knife and you get close to the wall next to the doors they enter to the room but you can see that only two have no chance against you, the man who you’ve released to the floor moves and both point, it is your chance to attack from behind cutting the throat that was near you, when another man realizes is very late your you nailed the knife in the front, take the knife from her forehead and walk toward your sword taking it. . .