Dominican Republic

Birth Christmas 2009-2010 was a national day against violence on public roads, in addition to other factors of tragedy that arise during the making of Christmas. That operation was governed by the national emergency Commission, composed of numerous institutions of the State and thousands of volunteers scattered throughout the national territory. Its operational body, the Committee of emergency, deployed great effort to reduce identified tragedies that give reason for the day, having at their disposal mobile units emergency and consultations, systems of communication by radio and telephony, media radio and television, helicopters, means of ground transportation, logistical support, etc., etc., etc. On this occasion was divided into two phases, where the first took an alarming accident as well as in the second balance. 24 December and 31 December 27 to January 4, respectively.

A total of 560 injured and 52 were reported fatalities in sinister 238 in the road network national, where about 70% of the vehicles involved in these traffic accidents were motorcycles. So motorcyclists remain the main concern in road safety in the Dominican Republic. We want to make a point that we believe relevant so that at the time of making comparisons with previous years statistics we can be objective, so that the results lead to good future decisions and reliable plans can be developed. I mean that these annual meetings have a day and a particular start time (fixed). This is so, since in 2008 the third bulletin issued by the COE was on 23 December at 12: 00 am December 25th at 10: 00 p.m., while in 2009 it corresponds to the Bulletin No. 2, December 24, at 2: 00 P.M., December 25, at 6: 00 A.M. In addition, that would be very useful for further purposes who register personal data allowing to make contact with their families, time and punctual site of tragedy. With these information, we believe, we can develop campaign involving the associations of victims, may be work of improvement of engineering on tracks, and by assumptions, improving statistics with good comparisons.