Unsafe Professor

– Superproteo of the parents? it does not attribute to the children responsibilities (supplied classrooms)? Entrance very early in the world of the work for the adolescents (popular classrooms) – Difficulties of the parents to place limits – we do not have to say to the one son not to say because. /Based it does not have that to have practical consequences, because without this you demoralize its speech-Oscillation espontneismo/authoritarianism-Family Small Difficulties To educate. Lack of experience of the parents. – Vision Education as investment. Fixed aspiration for the social ascension.

– Many extra activities classroom/swimming, tennis, ballet, jud, etc, without giving to the due priority school 3 – RELATED FACTORS the SCHOOLS – Not educational definition proposal – Lack of educative projects – Lack of professional integration has equipped technique? employees? direction. – Different Positions ahead of the same facts. Not clear norms and absence of dialogue regarding them. – Lack of support professional work – Lack didactic resources – economic Dependence clientele (particular) or of the public power (been) – insufficient Remuneration? disqualified professionals – favorable physical Conditions? barulhentas, hot classrooms, pressed, if do not obtain good discipline. – excess pupils classroom. 4 – PROBLEMS RELATED TO THE PROFESSOR: – Disqualification – Lack of didactics – it reads books during the lesson speaks accurately as it is in books writes time in the picture all.

– Other people’s Questions the lesson? as ideological pregaes, mainly politics/professor is vitiated is enough to touch .em the subject to leave the paper. – Excessively severe, irritadio, aggressive, mal-humorado. Many times the professor hides its incompetence and omission behind an authoritarianism without meaning? Good Mood is essential. – Incapacity Communication/fearful, Unsafe Professor. Shy professor of ibope/the shyness is not a creation of the society, represented per very severe parents, who finish being incorporated with an interior court in charge to evaluate, the all instant, its behavior and its speaks.