But the problem of this system of alliance is that some aggression of a country with the other was had, this would unchain a effect domin. Another one aggravation is the fact of the superiority that each country felt on the other, and which had to this all the powers found that this 4 war would be short. Another question importantssima is as that the European powers legitimized a possible conflict. This legitimacy was conquered through the one creation ' ' enemy externo' ' , and this enemy was not very difficult to obtain, we can catch the case of France and Germany in relation the German unification in 1871. In this conflict France lost for Germany the region of the Alacia and the Lorena that were sufficiently rich in coal and iron, substances cousins of extreme importance for the time (industrialization). Germany in ownership of all these resources, had its sped up growth, what it finished bothering the English. The mentioned systems of alliances above, consist basically in two: the Trplice Alliance and the Entente Cordiale. The first one was composed for the German Empire, Austrohungarian Empire and for Italy, and was part of the second alliance England and France.

The Entente had as main objective the containment of the German empire. Russia only came if to join with the Entente some which had time later to the interest to the French and English capitals that a good usefulness in the increase of Russian industrialization would have, however Russia also had other intentions, as of if approaching to the Balkans so that its support the Slavic populations that if opposed the Austrohungarian domination was facilitated 5. 3 BEGINNING OF the CONLFITO In this topic, will be explanado the causes of the deflagration of the conflict to the light of the research carried through for author Mrcia MOTTA. It initiates saying that what made with that the great war was declared, was the death of the heir of the Austrian throne that happened in Sarajevo, that is the capital of the Bsnia, that in turn was a province of the Austrohungarian empire.