All we have almost gone of small to a factory of these characteristics, nevertheless, our proposal is invitarte that you attend with all your family. Of this form, it will be easier that your son or daughter is interested in the own one culture, since, after each factory, conversations about the realised activities that will serve as motivating agent for him or it will arise from natural form. It prepares a celebration for your children, the friendly of your children and their grandparents In the primitive societies, it was habitual custom to consider the grandparents as the wise people of the tribe and consulted themselves to them like experts to solve infinity of problems. Nowadays, this custom is had to a great extent lost, although for the majority of the grandsons, their grandparents are the best ones. He takes advantage of the special bond that unites to your children with its grandparents, to organize a celebration to which their friendly, accompanied of their grandparents and grandmothers go.

He asks the grandparents who count histories of when they were small, that teach to games and traditional dances to them. This form, your children will know a little better the traditional culture and will develop the love by her. He goes with your family to assemblies and debates Often we took to our children to meetings in which problems appear that are necessary to solve in our neighbor community. The certain thing is that it usually we do because we do not have with who to leave them. Why instead of to do this we did not animate them to take an active paper in the meeting? If it is something likes any boy, girl or adolescent is that they treat like an adult, and this can be a perfect form to do it. It animates to your son that it listens to the problems that are exposed in this type of meetings and invtalo to contribute to solutions and ideas.