David Suzuki

George Gurdjieff also said that our personal salvation, the welfare of mankind and the evolution of the Earth and solar system closely connected with each other in the general transformation, which determines the existence of the world. I allow myself to assume that the radiation frequency can be picked up by the people in outer space planets, including Sun and Lunoy.Ya also believe that during his life, people with low spiritual culture of the law of critical mass may have a negative impact not only on human society, but also on the pulsation frequency of the Earth. Today, the press gets the information that many states have powerful low-frequency setting that can affect the frequency ripple effects of heavy-duty Zemli.Pri set to a frequency pulse of the earth according to some scientists may change direction magnetic field Zemli.To is, go north to the south and naoborot.Predpolagaetsya that a change in the direction of Earth’s magnetic field may change direction Zemli.Neobhodimo prohibit not only the underground nuclear tests, but also super-low-frequency setting, which can act on the magnetic field and pulsation frequency of the Earth. Also, there is evidence that a group of Canadian researchers led by David Suzuki, constantly observe the Sun, in 1950 witnessed an unknown phenomenon: the spiral light burst from the sun and passed close to Earth. This phenomenon, according to the researchers, led to increased swing axle Earth. Deviation increased and the return of the axis to its original position zamedlilsya.Kanadskie researchers argue that these changes can also lead to a shift in the Earth’s poles.