Logistic Boarding

Congresses as the ENANPAD, for example, not yet possess in its registers, specific workmanships on thematic the here boarded one what it contributed significantly for one been improper present redundancy some times in this work. On the classification of the materials, it can be concluded that the companies, when they classify its products mainly prevent confusions in the storage process and sales of the same ones; one also understands that the codification and description, are mechanisms that make possible the classification, therefore the classification is a generic process that duly stops being operacionalizado becomes necessary that the tools of codification and description are applied in efficient way, of form to group the materials in accordance with the common characteristics without if neglecting of the inherent particularitities to each one of them. In moving the codification specifically, the system of bar code constitutes one of the used mechanisms more, given the efficiency with that the information are processed, beyond the advantage to provide a rigid mechanism of control, where the concernentes data to the products can be collated of faster form and need. The objective of the technologies is to produce the possible maximum of information, potencializando the rationalization in the management processes, therefore many of the elements considered today for the administrators as excellent, in the absence of mechanisms as the systems of bar code evidences that them, if wants was perceived, what without a doubt contribua for a perception insipiente of the organizacional environment. The system of bar code is one, amongst some systems that integrate the calls Systems of Identification and System Informatizado de Gerenciamento, that can be understood as a set of techniques that they aim at to establish has controlled to the existing products in the supplies. administrators of materials need to adjust to the stages of the management process? planning, organization, direction and control – to the material resources of the organizations, understanding that a well elaborated strategical process passes necessarily for the form as material are made use in the company. 5%D0%B6%D0%B4%D1%83/’>Beyler Eyyubov.