United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most attractive destinations for the Hispanic immigrant. Mainly due to its flexible and dynamic labour market, its labor law and its unemployment rate relatively low (7.9%) compared with the European average (10%) and with the Spanish rate (19.4%), the last being the second highest in Europe (November 2009, entering the labor system when a citizen of the EU comes first to the United Kingdom with the intention of working)You must apply for your National Insurance Number (NI). This is done in the JObecenter plus the area where it resides, that summoned him for a personal interview whose main objective is to check that the person is who he claims to be. While it is processed NI can work using a temporary number that consists in the letter T, followed by the date of birth of the worker to digits more the letter M or F (male or female). For example, if you were born on July 5, 1980, your temporary number is: T571980F if it is woman or T571980M if it is man. Another aspect interesting is the (shortage) scarcity of qualified personnel for certain occupations, mainly in the sectors: Healthcare: nurse, dentist, pharmacists, veterinarians, doctors.Education: Teachers of mathematics, chemistry, physics, language espaniola.Construction and manufacturing: electrical, mechanical engineers, architects.Technological: Programmers, SAP, Oracle etc minimum wage the minimum wage since October 2008 is: 5.73 per hour for over 22 years 4.77 per hour for workers aged 18-21 3.53 per hour for children under age of 18 Anoslos taxes, unless you’re self-employed, is automatically deducted from your volunteer work payment an option for newcomers who do not feel very confident with the language proficiencyIt is volunteer work, which sometimes can even serve as a gateway to get paid work.

Clothes Woman Generous

The young lady, like watching you ah White early summer pointed to the front, looked up to LuoHan. Not like, is the fundamental is the LuoHan frowned at green clothes woman, generous admitted that it was his this period of time is communication of woman, may be to hear the news of his engagement to, so came here. Is your girlfriend Mistress Spend huge, keeping only accompany you to sleep the sort of White early summer to guess. LuoHan back line of sight, lower the head to see white early summer you wait here, I m going to take the things to solve it, be right back say that finish th.air max pas cher hrew down early summer, the woman walked toward white. Hello, white early summer raising his hand want to call him, but I’ve pulled the that girl, walked towards the lounge. What! White early summer some angry vertical force laid a hand on him, but in my heart a little bit lost, really only a little, the guest sneaked away, she a person lonely stood in the doorway. A silver gray shadow I do not know when standing in her behind him how you are the only one who, LuoHan White early summer back, see is t.red bottom shoes his discipline night, got a fright, depend! This guy is Why ghost as quiet as a mouse stood behind her, but also in her so humiliating hou, although she told LuoHan is to pretend, but is a stranger s eyes, she is bound to be his fiancee it. Small mouth toward the s’s with a woman in the room. Oh-, woman ji night gwon-chul understand appearance, pair of little woman, this can not strange are you going to wait for him here I am crazy Wait for him why, guests sneaked away, also need not acti.louboutin pas cher g the, of course, is home to sleep after ather white early summer turned round, the face high up, walk of incomparable proud, inner abject hou, often armed himself.

Development Tendency

The development tendency of The crusher impact crusher impact has its distinct working mechanism and the structural design features. In the use of performance characteristics, compared with hammer crushers, impact crushers obvious Han technical advantages. 1) The equality of the size The material product is in cube shape, with low content of fine powder and dust, especially suitable for vertical mill operation. (2) Low cost of operation and investment. Compared with hammer crushers, The total weight of the impact crusher is light, with small size of appearance and low static load value, can effectively reduce the cost of construction.

At the same time, the power that motors need is low, which can effectively reduce power consumption and the cost of equipment running. (3) Fragile pieces of the impact crusher have long service life, and the cost for long-term operation is low. Customers should have a comprehensive check for the engine and lubrication of the impact crusher after it has run for one week. The contents for checking include fastening situation of the fixed parts, bearing seals, counterattack liner and the abrasion situation of the liners. The users should also establish a regular maintenance and replacement system according to the maintenance cycle. The users should pay attention to the adjustment of the gap between the rotor and the impact of the impact crusher liner.

When the rotor of the impact crusher is running, the gap between the rotor and the impact liner can not be adjusted. If the material in blocks strand between the back plate and the plate and shell, you had better lift slightly re-adjust the rack between the gap impact. In this way, the material will become loose, and it is easy to adjust the impact rack. If the impact rack is not enough, you can relax the levee on the tap. The overheated economy due to strong consumption of people is called consumer-driven economic overheating; investment-driven economic overheating, that is excessive investment, which contains two aspects of meaning: First, after the completion of the investment projects, the products are not expected in the market demand, so product accumulated, the funds could not be recovered, resulting in a serious waste of the means of production. At this level, the over refers to the excessive demand for investment relative to the market. Second, the scale of investment is spreading too extending, so that exceeding the capability of financial burden, and the investment can not be completed according to schedule, resulting that it could not form the expected production capacity. This level of over is the scale of investment relative to the excessive financial burden.

Jose Alberto Andrio Espina

The principle of extra-contractual Civil liability indicates that any person who suffers damage in your (physical) person or their heritage at the hands of another is entitled to receive financial compensation that resarza him by that supported prejudice. This is seen very clearly in the case of attacks by animals belonging to other people, which can be extremely dangerous and unpleasant, and may derive from the same consideration sequels shaped scars, deformities, or even limb amputations. In the worst cases, death himself who is suffering because of injuries could be its last and terrible consequence (for example, if this bite the jugular of the victim). Common causes of this type of events usually behind them gives a certain attitude of passivity and permissiveness by the owners of these animals. Facts such as the possession of exotic or objectively dangerous animals (Cougars, large snakes, crocodiles), something highly regulated in our days (and even banned in many places); or ride of dogs off leash in public places, could trigger anytime the fatal event. Also very often, on the other hand, that will be the owners who, through his own conduct give rise in the animal to a violent nature which may be that, at a given time, resulting in an attack (this happens especially with dogs of certain species, commonly used as vigilant to prevent possible robberies).

How to deal with events of these features? To some extent these events are unpredictable. The mere fact of a walk in a park at the wrong time could become unwitting victim in one of them. On the other hand, are too usual that children who suffer this kind of incidents, especially at the hands of animals belonging to the family or loved ones, in many cases in farms and private enclosures. In any case, prudently stay clear of them will always be the best option, especially if the owner is not fence. The claim for injuries sustained as before we advance, anyone who may suffer some kind of injury because of the attack of an animal belonging to another person is entitled to financial compensation that allows you to view compensated, somewhat, the harm suffered. Between the concepts that could be the subject of compensation, in addition to the physical injury, may be both the loss of revenue for the eventual period of convalescence in situation of sick leave, as well as also possible trauma and moral damage caused to the victim.


Walls not seen Ignacio Ortega writer if something anda sobrado world is walls and borders. Physical walls that separate us, but also ideological, economic, political and legal, although they can sometimes be more unnoticed, also hurt, depart and divided. The Berlin wall whose collapse is now twenty years have seen repeatedly from morning to night, we have read and heard with names as diverse as the wall of infamy, the wall of shame, the iron curtain, will not return. However, those walls that conveys the story leads us to other places where there may be other walls. Each wall that is born takes us inside of other times. And, above all, to the interior of places and times that do not exist, even though we know that they may be very near, that there are people, Governments and States that can lift them. They are other walls have no physical insurmountable walls, but of which we try to not leave anyone. Or that between anyone, or not talk nobody, or that everyone forget.

Reason environmental, for example, is the official excuse that the Government of Rio de Janeiro has explained to the public for fencing the favela Morro Dona Marta with a wall of three meters of pain. As painful as the green line from the West Bank formed by trenches, barbed wire, fencing of Tin and eight meter high cement plates. It is true that if we compare in height perhaps pain of the Melilla barrier decimate him or if pain was tangible, perhaps the Moroccan wall which divided the Saharan territory along 2,500 kilometers is more painful than the favelas of Governor Sergio Cabral. But the power springs have no measurement for pain. There are walls that do not see them but they are walls at the end, and after that, although they can sometimes go unnoticed, separated by prejudices and fears, anxiety or uncertainty of borrowed lives and marginalization, exclusion or disappointment.

Walls that killed the dream of its inhabitants, walls than the they condemn their territory you can Yes franking. Or they can think of franking yours. One of the most violent tensions in my life it had with one Tertullian radio a year ago that was considered wasteful performances by the Andalusian Government in certain neighborhoods of Almeria. Another, with a friend who had heard him say to another common friend of local politics that El Puche, La Chanca or stones round were well behind their walls. I swore on my honor that could not be. Things they say, I told him, as removing iron. My friend did not give credence to what was said by the common friend. At the end I got it calm and after much insisting, convinced him that the hearing was only a nightmare, but not before suggest that walls do not look is better to prudently kept far away.

Social Media

Thanks to social tools an event can go global! Jeff Jarvis said that MySpace has died. Are you agree? Do the stars of the 2.0 reduce Twitter and Facebook? No, the 2.0 is much more than platforms; It is a natural evolution of the Web, it is a concept, a philosophy. The user has evolved: from being passive, has become active, participatory. The 2.0 are the tools that allow us to work with the participation of users. To give you an example, 2.0 can be performed from any platform: networks you mention, a company’s own web, blogs there are a multitude of possibilities. Again Jeff Jarvis says that Twitter is, for now, question of adults, while young people flock to Facebook, is it possible to categorize your audience or target depending whether one and another? Segment not only by age but also by activity; 80% of Twitter users have a professional motivation and knowledge and information sharing. But is it in 140 characters possible? Yes.

The good thing about Twitter is that it allows us a brutal filter; through 140 characters people share what really interests him, especially at the professional level. Just a headline and a link around a conversation will generate. How does it work? It is very ductile; can be used to report an event, but also to give an opinion about what is happening there. The conversation takes on a global dimension overcoming physical barriers posed by the geographical location of the event itself. The event is virtual since then an event does not have to be face-to-face, because, in reality what is an event? It is an experience. In the same way that a flashmob is an event because it is an experience. The flashmobs are successful because people take part in the, but would be a spot or an advertisement on a fence, and not an event.