West Ukraine

So now Ukraine, proceeding from this, wants to see themselves as part of the West. But if you also consider the outlook and life (ie, thinking, culture, communication and human relations, etc.), the Ukraine and Belarus – is the same as Russia. And in their desire, by all means to become an appendage of the West, Ukraine is at times more "Asian" country than Russia (in the words of Berdyaev). That is why Ukraine could suffer the same fate as Turkey, where she deceives himself, believing himself to the West, but in fact they are not. Accordingly, the prospect of eu membership for Ukraine not much greater than that of Turkey. Although nato, it could join, as did Turkey. On the background of such cultural and "everyday" proximity of Russia and Ukraine (where Ukraine is a separate state), seems especially absurd presence in the Russian North Caucasus (where the North Caucasian peoples on all the criteria are different from Russian). As already mentioned, the same Dagestani Chechens as an ethnically and linguistically distinct from Russian.

But the most importantly, their outlook and way of life "is different. Even if we do not take into account religion, these people have different morals. Other mechanisms of interpersonal and intersexual relations. For example, the president of , in all seriousness, says: "Polygamy is allowed to our customs, our religion. On the other hand, if a young girl or a divorced woman is walking, her brother kills her, and that man. " "We have very strict customs.