Marx Workers

Finally, they are joined to the previous factors the intensification of the corporative trend, that it looks to preserve the interests of the steady work force. The crisis of the syndical movement if accents with the development of the individualizao of the work relations; deregulation and flexibilizao of the work market; ideological action and the capacity of manipulation of the capital. The unions beyond making front to the movement of the toyotismo, need to abandon the structure verticalizada for the horizontalizada one, to advance stops beyond a defensive action and with this assistant in the search of a project that walks in the direction of the emancipation of the workers. Ricardo Antunes places the possibility of the precarious, partial, temporary workers or subproletariados, capsizes if to constitute in a social citizen capable to assume bolder actions, searching its space, its rights and representations. In the room and last chapter, the author initiates explicitando that it is absolutely necessary to characterize the dimension when if the question of the crisis of the work society argues. Is about the abstract work or concrete? The first one being understood as more intelectualizado as with artisan characteristics. If the crisis is of the abstract work, translates the reduction of the alive work and the magnifying of the work died, indicated for Marx as trend of the capitalism. The worker already does not transform objects directly material, but he supervises the productive process in machines.

Antunes makes question to leave clear these basic questions, therefore they mark out with buoys the tasks that must be carried through by the workers in the construction of its future, for it, the revolution of our days are, in this manner, a revolution in and of the work. It is a revolution in the work in the measure where she must necessarily abolish the abstract work and restore a society established in the auto-activity human being, in the work concrete that generates useful things socially, in the social work. However, the author little mentions itself to the impacts of the capitalism in the agricultural segment, to the paper of education institutions. It enters the diverse forms of depreciation, the professional period of training is not mentioned. The practical one of period of training act of contract is the new modality of precarizao of the work, therefore, the trainee contracts itself as cheap man power, leaving thousand of diligent is of the work market.

Antonio Bueno

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The Amazing Spiderman

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